Scandinavian Collectors Club


FACIT 2014 Special, Leif Jaråker, ed. 1008 pages, 6 ½ by 9 ½ inches, card covers, perfect bound, Facit Förlags AB, Västerås, Sweden, 2013, ISBN 91-86564-72-2.

            This continues to be the catalog for collectors of Sweden as well as the other Nordic countries. In addition to those areas mentioned on the cover—Sweden, Denmark, Faroes, Danish West Indies, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland and Åland—the Finnish related areas of Aunus, Karelia, and North Ingermanland are also included. The continuing expansion of the catalog is reflected in the increased number of pages—944 pages in 2011 and now 1008 pages.

            Sweden receives special treatment at the beginning of the catalog with all-inclusive subjects like proofs, rarity of early covers by destination, vending machine labels, booklets, officials, postage due, military envelopes with reply stamps, and first day covers. The last item now includes two pages of illustrated pictorial first day and event cancels.

            Other specialty areas for Sweden appear only every few years in Facit. The table of contents points to those previous annual catalogs for listings of Swedish revenues, postal stationery, locals, reply stamps, and Christmas seals since they are not in this 2014 edition.

            The other Nordic countries are similarly treated with FDCs, franking labels and stamp booklets included with the stamp issues. New to this edition is an article by Orla Nielsen in the Iceland section where he lists the largest known multiples, mint and used, of the oval aur issues of 1876-1901.

            All stamp illustrations are in color except for certain varieties. The Facit catalog continues to be the essential reference for collectors of the Nordic countries.

Alan Warren