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Copenhagen Copenhagen: Viewed Through its Stamps, by Erik Jensen, 8 by 9 inches, soft covers, perfect bound, 80 pages, in English, Post and Tele Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen 2004. ISBN 87-90768-19-1, 165 DKr (approximately $30) plus shipping from the museum at Box 2053, 1012 Copenhagen, Denmark.

The title is not a mistake or redundant but stands for the postal designation KjĂžbenhavn K. The second K stands for Copenhagen's delivery district of the city's letter post office. In this booklet the museum's curator Erik Jensen takes the reader on a tour of the center of Denmark's capital, using the country's stamps for illustration. One can easily take his/her own walking tour of the city with this book in hand and learn a lot of history in the process.

Two walking tours are described, each taking in over a dozen sites reflected in excellent color photos of the buildings as well as the stamps associated with them. One can visit churches, palaces, botanical gardens, the waterfront, the stock exchange, and public squares. This booklet provides a wonderful tie between philately and the local history of downtown Copenhagen. A Danish language version of the book is also available from the museum at the same price.

Alan Warren