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Stempel der Norwegischen Bahnpost (Norwegian Railway Cancellations), Jürgen Tiemer and Peer-Christian Ånensen, 7 by 9¾ inches, hardbound, German text, 256 pages, Kristiansand, Norway, 2002, ISBN 82-996445-1-8. Approximately $50 from Jürgen Tiemer, Amvorkamp 13, 24214 Altwittenbek über Kiel, Germany.


            Collectors of mobile post office mail will be indebted to the coauthors for publishing this handbook and catalog of the railway cancels of Norway. The introduction includes a guide to the format and arrangement of the book. Although this is not a priced catalog, there is a 10-point rarity scale for each cancel from common to extremely rare.

            The major railway lines are discussed with separate chapters, such as the Østfold, Kongsvinger, Trondheim, Gjøvik, Bergen, and etc. systems. Maps and data tables show the length of each line and its branches as well as their start dates. The pages of text include many covers and the page margins illustrate cancels.

            Each chapter concludes with detailed tables illustrating the cancel, its catalog number, period of usage, name of engraving firm, and cancel type as shown in the introduction. Enlarged illustrations help to identify cancel varieties. The illustrations of covers and cancels are excellent. Even special cancels from museums and tourist trains are included.

            A bibliography leads the reader to source materials. An alphabetical index of cancels by place name, followed by thematic and numeral cancel listings, conclude the book. With this listing and the detailed table of contents, a general index is not needed.


Alan Warren