Scandinavian Collectors Club


              This is a priced catalog of the machine cancellations of Norway from 1903 to 2004 that contain text and images that might also be useful for thematic collectors. It is an expanded and updated version of the catalog first published in 1978. The introductory pages acknowledge sources of the data and explain the format of the catalog. The catalog listings are chronological and in tabular format, and include reproductions of the text and pictorial portion of the cancels.

             The catalog numbers consist of the year of use followed by a 2-digit sequential number. The actual wording of the text is illustrated and the city of use shown. The next columns indicate earliest and latest known use of the marking followed by abbreviations for the source of the data (individual’s initials or literature reference). The final column shows the current value in Norwegian kroner for a cover bearing a clear imprint of the marking.

             Each entry includes a separate line for the same data if the cancel was used in more than one city or in different branch offices of the same city. Although the introductory pages are in the Norwegian language, the tables consist mostly of data that is readily apparent and easy to use.

             The cancel illustrations are quite clear. The catalog will serve not only those who collect this type of cancellation but also those seeking specific information such as period of use for any given marking.

  Alan Warren