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POSTHORN INDEX: 1943 - 2006

The links below , for years 1997 and 1998, lead to tables of contents for those years. From 1999 onward the links are to the complete "lead" or major article for the issue date, as an example of  Posthorn content and writing.

Issues prior to Aug 1997 were not produced electronically. To order any back issue of The Posthorn, please contact the Library:


The SCC is undertaking to scan the complete run of Posthorns, starting with Volume 1, #1 printed in 1943.  As issues are completed, they will be posted here.  The format is Adobe PDF.

Scanning  is proceeding on an irregular schedule, starting with the earliest issues and proceeding forward chronologically. However, if any particular issue is needed, it may be possible to scan it out of order. To inquire, please contact the Webmaster at:


Since these scans are IMAGES, they are necessarily large files. Each issue will be 6-10 megabytes in size, requiring a very long download time if using a 56K "dial-up" modem. For most users, it is only practical to download this material if you are using DSL or a cable modem capable of 1 mB or faster speeds. (The reason Posthorn files PDF from 2002 onward are smaller is that they are text files with embedded graphics. The only way to achieve this on old issues is to OCR the scans, and then edit, which would require an unacceptable amount of manual labor.)


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