1902 Danish Essay Identified - May 1999
By Dr. William R. Benfield  (Page 3 of 3)


Fig 6

Fig 6. Front (above) and back (below)

 Fig 6 back

Slott-Møller's second design (Figure 6) is for a 20 øre stamp featuring a map of Denmark. The border around the design and the map of Denmark are printed in brown. The balance of the design and the simulated perforations are green. The essay is stamp size and measures 23.5 mm high and 20.0 mm wide. The essay is centered in the upper third of a large piece of paper measuring 29.5 era high and 23.0 era wide. The paper has a yellowish tint and is without watermark or gum. The word "Michael" (Slott-Møller's secret code) is handwritten in the lower right corner in black ink.

It is probably the above essay that was mentioned by Jacob Engel in the 1948 booklet describing his Danish Essay, Proof and Reprint collection, unfortunately, there is no illustration.7 The item contained on page 53 of his collection is described as follows

"1902. Design send (sic) in by "Michael" not accepted. It is supposed that the design was send (sic) in by the artist Michael Archer."

In light of the previously mentioned identity envelopes, the speculation by Engel that "Michael" might be Michael Archer can no longer be considered valid. There can be little doubt "Michael" is actually Harald Slott-Møller.

One source states at least 350 designs were submitted to the 1902 Danish postage stamp design competition.8 The identities of the artists responsible for only six of these designs are currently known. Nearly one hundred years after the competition, it is unlikely many more designs will be rediscovered, but it is hoped the information contained in this article may help identify additional designs.

The author wishes to thank Erik A. Jensen, the Curator of the Danish Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen for his help in the research for this article.

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