Denmark "Via America" Mail - February 1999
By Viktor E. Sten

figure 1

As an addition to the intriguing "Via Siberia" cover that Alfred A. Gruber wrote about in the August 1998 issue and the follow up article by Hal Vogel (November 1998), which cast more light on the circumstances, I would like to show my 5 cents worth of knowledge with a postcard I recently purchased to fit into a "Denmark At Sea" exhibit I am fiddling with.

The postcard is written in Vladivostock on august 5/1914 by a Danish sailor (I presume) and franked with a russian 4 kon stamp. For some reason the card did not make it to a post office in Vladivostock.

Subsequently, the writer added "Via America" to the address and mailed it in Yokohama, Japan, where it was postmarked on August 18,1914 and rubber stamped PAQUEBOT. From Yokohama it went to the transit post office in Tsuruga and onwards to Denmark via America.

The message on the card is also interesting in that the writer hopes that they will smash the German fleet. He also mentions that there are rumors about the Germans having mined the Great Belt.



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