President's Message February 1999

We had a very successful Annual Meeting at Chicagopex in November and I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the splendid efforts of our hosts, Chicago Chapter 4 for the wonderful SCC Dinner and their gracious hospitality. Especially, I want to recognize Ms. Roberta Palen, Fred Bloedow and Ron Collin. Doc Melberg and Fred Bloedow organized an excellent auction of surplus library material. Bob Lang passed the baton to Don Brent, our new Executive Secretary, and we thank him for the excellent meeting arrangements and especially his prep work for the Board Meeting. Bob received the Pelander Award for his many years of unselfish service to the SCC. Congratulations, Bob.

We were very fortunate to have as our principle guest speaker, Knud Mohr, the newly elected President of RIP and Nordic federation coordinator for Nordia 2001. Mr. Mohr met with the Nordia Board to further advance the plans for this ground breaking philatelic event. We were also delighted to have had Risto-Matti Kauhanen of Finland serve on the jury and speak at our annual dinner on the RIP judging system, and we were thrilled to again see our very dear friends from Iceland, Sigurdur Thorsteinsson and his lovely wife.

The full slate of candidates recommended by the nominating committee were elected. Three new directors were elected to four year terms and I would now like to welcome John DuBois, Jerry D. Moore and Stuart Silverberg to the Board.

The primary business of the Board meeting centered on discussions on how we can improve The Posthorn . The Club journal is the "glue" that holds us together. While Nordia 2001 will surely attract new members, the quality of The Posthorn will determine long term membership growth and membership renewal. We must therefore, strengthen and improve the content and appearance of The Posthorn if we are to realize the full potential of the rather substantial financial contribution the Club has already made to Nordia 2001.

To this end I appointed a committee, co-chaired by Alan Warren and John DuBois, to review all aspects of the journal and submit a report and recommendations to the Board at the next meeting scheduled to take place at our regional meeting during the Rompex, (Denver, CO) May, 14-16, weekend. At least one of the meetings will be held at the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library, the new home of the SCC Library. Everyone is welcome, so if you are planning to attend the show, be sure to let Don Brent know!

If you have any comments or suggestions for improving The Posthorn, I ask that you submit them in writing as soon as possible to either Alan Warren or John DuBois. The other committee members are Al Gruber, Don Halpern, Howard Schloss and Sandra Downs.

As President, I receive quite a bit of email and occasionally some snail mail about various Club matters and every possible subject relating to stamp collecting. But, I was rather surprised to receive a letter last month from a new member in Pakistan asking guidance in the formation of a collection of the Finnish charity stamps. He mentioned that he had chosen this area after studying the 1997/98 Facit. Of course, the charity (semipostal) stamps of Finland are very popular in Finland and many collectors have exhibited these stamps their national shows. Of course, I was eager to offer a few suggestions for structuring such a collection.

How many of us are thinking about building a new collection? I have already retired several of my collections from competitive exhibiting and I have formed several new one frame exhibits and in the past year I have been working on a collection of the first postal cards of the Republic of Finland, 1917 - 1930. 1 have found the experience exhilarating and challenging. I feel philatelically re-energized. I think you will have the same good feelings I have experienced, so maybe you will consider this possibility before winter has passed and we have put away our stamps until next fall. There are hundreds of possibilities jumping out of the pages of Facit, Norma and The Posthorn, etc. Each is a great starting point for a new philatelic adventure.

Roger Quinby



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