President's Message: August 1999

his is the inaugural issue for our new Editor, Paul Albright. Sandra  Downs will continue to serve The Posthorn as Managing Editor, responsible for layout and production. Paul was appointed Editor on the recommendation of the Posthorn Review Committee at the board meeting held in conjunction with Rompex in mid-May. Alan Warren and John DuBois, committee co-chairs, together with committee members Al Gruber, Don Halpern, Sandra Downs, and Howard Schloss, have made a number of excellent suggestions for improving the club's journal. Over the next year or so, the committee will be working closely with Albright to implement these changes. Now, however, no changes are cast in concrete. So, if you have any suggestions about the subject matter of articles or features you would like to see in The Posthorn, or you have other suggestions that would make the journal more interesting for you, please be in touch with Albright, Warren, or DuBois.

We are still searching for a new business/advertising manager for the journal. This is a straightforward assignment for someone with business, advertising, or bookkeeping/accounting experience. The job entails soliciting advertising by letter, email, or phone, getting copy to the Managing Editor, and billing. The ads are an important service to the members, vital to the business of today's stamp dealer, and the revenue is awfully important in support of the journal. If you have a few hours a month and the "right stuff," please be in touch with us. We need you.

The club's annual meting this year will be held at BALPEX over the Labor Day weekend. The SCC has invited two very accomplished philatelists from Scandinavia: Ivar Sundsbø from Norway, who will serve on the jury and offer a few words with us at the Friday evening annual dinner, and Eric v. Wowern of Denmark who will speak at the Saturday general meeting on Greenland philately.

We had a spirited board meeting at Rompex, highlighted by an animated discussion on several issues relating to the plans for NORDIA 2001. We agreed to host an opening reception, requested the NORDIA board to give further consideration to soliciting a Scandinavian auction house, receive copies of all agreements signed in behalf of NORDIA 2001, and receive updated budget reports. One disappointment is that the evening schedule precludes our hosting an annual SCC dinner. Instead, we will attend the Ranger Dinner, which also will serve as the NORDIA Palmares banquet. I receive copies of the NORDIA board minutes and a summary of activities. Anyone interested in these reports may contact me for copies.

The board also approved funding an annual NORDIA award. The first award will be presented at NORDIA 99, at Turku this September. The board also approved a resolution authorizing members to use the SCC logo in the same manner that APS members may display their logo.

The club library is now housed in a separate room within the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library (RMPL). The move went rather smoothly, and I expect that by the time the August issue of The Posthorn reaches your mailbox, Stuart Silverberg will be handling your requests with dispatch and grand efficiency. As a way of showing support for this splendid arrangement, I encourage you to join the RMPL. Also, if you have some non-Scandinavian philatelic literature not in your "active" library, please consider donations to the RMPL.

As I was preparing this letter, I learned that Gene Lesney, former editor of The Posthorn, had passed away. Although I did not know Gene well, he was a legend in our club, enormously talented with a voracious appetite for life. His service to the club and the journal will serve as our inspiration to breathe new energy into The Posthorn.

Roger Quinby




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