President's Message - November 1998
Roger Quinby

Plans for Nordia 2001 are moving along very well. Gordon Morison has assembled a very strong group of volunteers from the general philatelic community, nicely complementing the core group from the SCC. Gordon and publicity director, Alan Warren will keep us posted on Nordia. This stamp show will surely be the largest Nordic area philatelic event ever held in North America; we anticipate a strong bourse, an exceptional display of exhibits (many never previously shown in North America), and many visitors from the Nordic countries eager to meet with American and Canadian collectors sharing common philatelic interests and specialties .

Over the past several months I have received several letters from long time members who have expressed concern about the direction of the Club's activities. Members have also written expressing some disappointment with recent issues of The Posthorn. The critics write: few well researched original articles, the range of articles does not adequately cover the diversity of members collecting interests, the contributor base is too concentrated, and there are too many `news' articles. These are fair comments and point out manifest shortcomings with the Club journal.

These letters are also poignant reminders that while we are staking out new ground in sponsoring and supporting the first Nordia show in North America, we cannot totally exhaust our resources, volunteers' time and energy on just a single project as important as it may be to our future growth.

With Nordia 2001 now taking shape we must turn again to those concerns which directly affect membership interest in the SCC. These problems relate primarily to The Posthorn. The problems are systemic and go far beyond the reach of the editor to cure on her own. Sandra Downs has worked tirelessly to solicit articles and then get the publication out on time. As I noted in my last communication, a number of articles were lost prior to Sandy becoming editor, and although we had backup on some articles, most will have to be rewritten. This has been a serious setback and it will take time to again build a backlog of first rate articles. That is the past, now we have to look forward.

YOU CAN HELP. Many of our members subscribe to the Nordic journals. Have you seen an article in one of these journals that would be of interest to a wider audience? Can you translate it or have it translated for republication in The Posthorn?

Many of you have covers in your exhibits or your collections that can be the basis for an article. Recently, while judging at the Minn Stamp Expo, where I had the opportunity to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Twin Cities Chapter, an interesting question was raised about the authenticity of postally used covers bearing Greenland's 1945 America Issue. After the show I contacted several SCC members and several experts in Denmark and received assurances that indeed these issues can be found on postally traveled covers, but Facit, for its own reasons, does not recognize it. It is apparent that this subject should be treated in an article in The Posthorn. I have solicited the experts and I hope they will respond. For sure, there must be other similar examples.

In addition, our editor needs the support of long time collectors and writers to serve as associate editors who will help plan the journal three or four issues in advance to assure balance of well written, peer reviewed, diversified feature articles. The journal is the sum product of our commitment to the SCC and to philately. Your contribution as an associate editor, writer, researcher doing peer reviews, will make your participation more fulfilling and increase the enjoyment of the hobby tenfold for our membership. The Posthorn needs your help. We will be pushing hard for volunteers at the annual meeting in Chicago.

Another writer mentioned that he belongs to a `Cyber chapter' with other members linked by email. Issues are raised and information exchanged at fixed intervals via email. It seems to me that this idea should be explored by the various study groups, and summaries of exchanges could be published in the journal or possibly developed into feature articles. Possibly you would be willing to let us publish your email address together with your area of interest or expertise so we may bring more members together. If you have a question about Finland, I'll try to get an answer for you.

Michael Ball of Michigan has agreed to serve as Awards Chairperson. We welcome him to the team. Many thanks to Ron Collin who has been our Awards Chairperson for so many years. Finally, I want to thank three Board members - Glenn Hansen, Anders Melberg, and Sandra Downs - who have served the SCC with dedication and distinction. In keeping with a policy of rotating the Board positions, three new members will begin service in January.

Roger Quinby


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