Tre Kroner Update
By Bob Paulson

August 1997

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Here's an unusual routing of a Tre Kronor censored cover. It went through Cairo. Little mail went the African-Pacific route since it was costly and inconvenient. The route had to be changed periodically to avoid the German Army in North Africa. This cover was ultimately forwarded from Australia to the US, though there are no U.S. cancels present. Australian backstamps are shown.

Finding exhibit-quality commercially used covers is still a challenge. Dealers in Sweden have been of little help. We're still missing the 75 öre, 85 öre brown, 1.45 Kr and 1.75 Kr values. Many fine WWII censored covers exist, but condition can be a problem both due to the thin wartime paper and the rough handling by censors. Unusual routings and destinations are particularly desirable. Usage to USA via England and/or Lisbon are common. We have one marked "VIA LISBON" which must not have gone that route since the only marking is a Batavia, Sumatra (now Jakarta, Indonesia) censor tape. Others have traveled circuitous routes via Germany, Cairo, Australia, etc. Most mail through Germany was censored at Frankfurt. Berlin routing - indicated by the letters "Ab" in a circle - is much less common. The cover above went via Cairo.


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