Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation Update
by Alan Warren
August 1997

The Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation has released its latest translation, the Iceland portion of the Aarhus Filateli Afdelning Specialkatalog of 1995. The new volume has been updated with corrections, additional information, and updated prices, and hence is titled AFA Iceland Specialized Catalog 1997.

This catalog is the most in-depth treatment of any catalog in print of the stamps of Iceland up until 1944, when the country became a Republic. The work has been translated from the Danish by Jay Smith and printed by his Press for Philately. This is a new venture in publishing in the style known as "on-demand,"which means that only a few copies are printed and bound at a time.

This approach to publishing allows corrections and additions to be made without having to reprint an entire production run. Furthermore it saves the investment of a print run of several hundred copies. The book need never be "out of print."

The handsome volume is hardbound and in 8.5 by 11-inch format. In addition to the regular and commemorative issues of Iceland it includes the official stamps. There is a brief discussion on circular date cancels. However, there are other sources that delve into the Iceland cancellations, including the numerals, and so these topics are not covered in this volume. Nor is postal stationery included.

The major collectible plate flaws and varieties of Iceland's stamps are presented in detail with excellent illustrations, many of which are improved over those that appeared in the 1995 edition. Values are given for mint never hinged, mint hinged, used, used with full town cancel, and on cover.

Copies of the new Iceland catalog are available for $44.50 postpaid to U.S. addresses from Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation, Box 6716, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359. SPF members receive a discount. If you are not already a member, request an application when you write.

Alan Warren

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