Denmark's "Easy" Fifty
By Glenn Hansen
August 1997



All of this has turned what began as an "easy" area of collecting in a very challenging field that shows no signs of even approaching any degree of completion. It seems at almost every turn a new quirk or facet turns up and the hunt is on. Figure 5 Enlargement

Collecting and exhibiting this interesting group involves finding a good dealer over here and I have come to rely on Jay Smith for a major portion of my acquisitions. It also involves lucky finds in the auctions of at least two Scandinavian Collectors Club's chapters. A final resource is the auctions held in Denmark by such reliable firms as Thomas Hoiland, H. J. Rasch, O. Gottlieb, and Scanfil.

I use AFA's two catalogs as my major resources with some reference to Facit with its extensive use of the English language in its catalog descriptions. I do not use Scott as I find that in many instances its use only adds confusion to what has turned out to be a fascinating, but rather difficult, field of study. AFA and Tom Plovst have fairly well coordinated their numbering systems, which is natural, having regard for the reputation of Tom Plovst for absolute accuracy and certitude on all matters relating to POSTFÆRGEMÆRKER.

For the past four years I have been fortunate to have been able to correspond extensively with Tom, and he has always been very willing and able to educate me in all the intricacies of this field of study. It is always very easy for anyone to make assumptions that may seem logical at times but with proper guidance can be found to be incorrect. When I have erred, Tom has always set me straight and I accept his guidance knowing that he is infallible. Recently I have been privileged to have help from Toke Norby, whose web page and email access have kept me in contact with Tom during a period of ill health Tom has had to endure.

Without question Tom Plovst is the real authority on POSTFÆRGE matters. His monograph, DANMARKS POSTFÆRGEMÆRKER, was written in 1962 and remains the definitive text on the stamps and anything relating to them and the ferries. He has since written extensively in the Danish philatelic journals and is in the process of preparing a new edition of his major opus. This will cover the final fifteen years of Danish Post and Telegraph's operation of the ferries as well as updating material appearing in the original work. The ferry system was turned over to the Danish Railroads on April 30,1977.



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