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IF YOU are a collector of Nordic philately, either on a general or a specialized basis, you should consider the benefits of membership in the Scandinavian Collectors Club! Founded in 1935 by a small group of Finland collectors, the SCC has developed into the world's largest specialty stamp society catering to collectors interested in the philately of the several Scandinavian nations. Our purpose is to promote fellowship and communication among collectors and students of Scandinavian philately. In 1996, we were granted tax deductibility status as an educational foundation by the Internal Revenue Service; any donations of money, books to our library, or other material above the cost of membership dues is fully deductible on your Federal and State income tax in the United States.


The Posthorn SCC's award winning quarterly journal features a wide variety of current and scholarly articles on Scandinavian philately.

The Stamp Mart A circuit in which members may buy or sell Nordic country philatelic material.

The SCC Library Contains hundreds of reference materials, such as books, pamphlets, slide shows, exhibit copies, etc., for loan to members.

Study Groups Provide members a chance to participate in research of specific Scandinavian collecting interests.

Chapters In various cities, meet regularly for fun and fellowship.

Awards SCC encourages showing in exhibitions by offering awards to exhibitors of Scandinavian philately.

Printable application form


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