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SWE A 1 E "Sweden: Its Pre-adhesive Postal History and Covers." E. Hallar . (Undated). (Reprint). CCP. 14pp.

SWE A 2 S "Frimärken Vapentyp I (Skilling Banco) 1855-1858 and Nytrycken." SFF. 13pp.

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SWE A 4 E "Liste over Svenske Bureauer (Postkupéer PKP)." PHT. K. Jahr. 1975. 24pp. Check list of Swedish traveling post offices, (Rail & PKP) 1914-1954.

SWE A 5 E "The 1964 Second Swedish Rocket Mail Experiment." S. Reidmar. LINN'S 12/66. 1p.

SWE A 6 SE "Perfins." File of various articles about Swedish perfins.

SWE A 7 E "Higgins and Gage Postal Stationery catalog, Sweden 1971." 14pp. Listing/pricing of Swedish stationery.

SWE A 8 S "Den 'Fula' Gul 3-Skillingen." Ø. Grahm. THE PHILATELIC JOURNAL. 12/78. 2pp. Excellent article on the 3 Skilling yellow stamp.

SWE A 9 E "Swedish Charta Sigillata." E. Jansen. THE AMERICAN REVENUER. 1979. 4pp. Early Swedish revenue material. Illus.

SWE A 10 E "Sweden-Tolf Öre 1858." E. Wise. S COLG. 1963. 2pp. The 1858 12 Öre Blue, explains type, color and plate flaws. Illus.

SWE A 11 E "The Error 20 Tretio." N. Farmstrom. AP. 6/79. 3pp. Interesting in-depth story on this error. Illus.

SWE A 12 G "Sweden." GSG. 1978. 34pp. A file of various articles on postal history, stamps, cancels, papers and watermarks. Illus.

SWE A 13 S "Hur Kan Ditt Brevomlag Beratta." R. Almquist. SFT. 1981. 9pp. Early cancels of Sweden. Excellent postal history. Copies of early postal directives. Illus.

SWE A 14 S "Svenska FN Sjukhuset i Libanon." I. Wågerman. SFT. 1981. 1p. Swedish UN hospital in Lebanon postal cancels. Illus.

SWE A 15 S "Svensk Fåltpost efter andra våridskriget." I. Wågerman. SFT. 1981. 10pp. Swedish military cancels, 1939-1945. Illus.

SWE A 16 E "First Air Mail Flight, Stockholm-New York-Stockholm." K.A. Hansen. THE AIRMAIL COLLECTOR. 1930. 4pp. The full story behind this epic 1930 flight.

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SWE A 18 S "20 Öre Oscar II, Typ 1 och II!!!" R. Mattson. SFT. 9/81. 3pp. The two types of the 20 öre Oscar II. Illus.

SWE A 19 S "Hemortens Post Stämplar-Lund." J. Silfverberg. SFT. 1981. 2pp. Lists cancels and dated usage for same in the province of Lund.

SWE A 20 S "Porta-Taxa 1855-1875." S. Ringström. NFT. 1982. 13pp. Lists rates for the period as above from Sweden to Denmark, German States, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Danish States, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. Excellent resource material.

SWE A 21 E "Some Notes on the Stamps of Sweden." E.G. Leijonhufvud. LP. 1911. 9pp. The early issues of Sweden.

SWE A 22 E "Sweden." D. Watson. SPA. 1982. 3pp. The stamp selection methods of the Postal Administration of Sweden.

SWE A 23 E "Gothenburg, Scenes of Swedish City pictured on Local Stamps." C. Brunström. S COL. 1982. 1p. Illus.

SWE A 24 E "Swede's Idea in 1823 had beat U K's Hill." R. Norby. S COL. 1982. 2pp. Treffenberg's idea on stamped paper that was turned down by the Swedish Post Office and Parliament in 1823.

SWE A 25 E "Sweden`s Queen Christine was a great monarch, despite problems." P. Brantingham. S COL. 1982. 2pp.

SWE A 26 G "Typenunterchiede und Abarten der Schwedischen Rollenmarker 1920-1980." W. Lörich & R. Mattson. GSG. 1982. 21pp. The issues of 1920-1980 of the types, printings and plate flaws.

SWE A 27 G "Die Stempel der Schwedischen Postmeister in Stralsund." W. Lörich. GSG. 1982. 7pp. The cancels from 1815-1849.

SWE A 28 G "Die Vom Schwedischen Postwesen Verwendeten Etikketten Des Zeitraums, 1894-1920." J. Billgren & W. Lörich. GSG. 1982. 12pp. Etiquette labels for the period.

SWE A 29 S "Aerograms 1949." G. Lindman. SFT. 1982. 4pp. Lists and prices Swedish aerograms.

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SWE A 32 G "Oscar II-Die Ersten Schwedischer Briefmarken fra Kupfertriefdruk." R. Mattson & W. Lörich. GSG. 1982. 14pp. Oscar II engraved issue. Much detail and information about the engraving and manufacture of this issue. Illus.

SWE A 33 G "Schwedische Stempel auf Postsendungen Aus Den Ausland." R. Kraemer. GSG. 1979. 18pp. Illustrates and describes the various Paquebot markings from 1897.

SWE A 34 S "Intyg och Intygaswrivande." F. Obermüller. NF. 1983. 7pp. Certificates, Expertizing-Good or Bad. Illus.

SWE A 35 G "Index." GSG. 1982. 1p. Listing of published material on Swedish postal issues.

SWE A 36 E "Sweden Late Prints of the Skilling Banco Issues." Ben De Lambert. 1970. 10pp. Illus.

SWE A 37 E "Early Swedish Revenues, an overview." P. Nelson. LUREN. 1978. 12pp. Illus.

SWE A 38 E "Swedish Mail to London 1847." D. Himer. LUREN. 8pp. Illus.

SWE A 39 E "An Introduction to the Ring Type Stamps of Sweden." P. Hamilton. STRAND STAMP JOURNAL. (undated). 3pp. Illus.

SWE A 40 E "Civil censorship in Sweden." I.M. Warm. CIVIL CENSORSHIP STUDY GROUP BULLETIN. 1983. 2pp. Proof that there was mail censorship in Sweden during WW II. Illus.

SWE A 41 E "Sweden's Controversial Rarity." D. O'Keefe. LINN'S. 1983. 1p. 3-Skilling Banco error. Illus.

SWE A 42 E "From Sweden, rates go up, but discount stamps help keep them down." C. Brunström. LINN'S. 1983. 1p. Illus.

SWE A 43 E "Stockholm. A tour via Local Postage Stamps of the past." C. Brunström. S COL. 1983. 1p. Illus.

SWE A 44 E "An Oscar for Sweden." D. Koening. LINN'S. 1983. 1p. Illus.

SWE A 45 E "U. S., Sweden Set Joint issue for Treaty's 200th." B. Faries. S COL. 1983. 1p.

SWE A 46 G "Aktiebolaget Stadsposten (Stockholm Stadspost)." W. Lörich. GSG. 1983. 18pp. Stockholm statepost local issue. Illus.

SWE A 47 D "Svensk Kontrol med posten fra Sverige til Denmark under og efter 2 verdenskrig." J. Jørgensen. PHT. 1983. 5pp. Censorship control during WW II. Illus.

SWE A 48 S "Problem med Militärfrimärken Kataloger nas fárgnyanser olika." SFF. 1983. 3pp. Cataloging various colors on military stamps.

SWE A 49 E "Careless Workman Created Error." D. O'Keefe. LINN'S. 1984. 1p. The '20 Ore Tretio.'

SWE A 50 E "The 3 Skilling Banko Yellow." C. Brunström & C.M. Hahn. S COL. 1983. 3pp.

SWE A 51 S "Frimärkskunskap Perforeing." M. Bjerhammer. SFF. 1984. 1p. Booklets, A, B, C, BC, SX, BB, DD, RH, RV, OH, OV, DVU, are shown by an illustrated stamp example.

SWE A 52 G "Die Schwedischen Postmeistern is Stralsund." W. Lörich. GSG. 1984. 6pp. Postal history directives and illustrations.

SWE A 53 S "'Nygammal.' Oskartyp Återupptäckt." R. Mattson. SFT. 1984. 3pp. The I and II types of this issue. Illus.

SWE A 54 G "Abstemplung der Inlandobriefevon 1835." W. Lörich. GSG. 1984. 6pp. Postal history illus.

SWE A 55 E "Swedish Ship Mail Markings." I. Wågerman & B. Steiner. SEAPOSTER. 1987. 4pp. Describes the Fran Danmark markings.

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SWE A 59 E "Little Sweden: Lindsborg, Kansas." K. Peterson. AP. 1984. 4pp. Illus.

SWE A 60 E "A vast fortune in search of stamps-Philippe von Ferrary." S. Bierman. AP. 1987. 3pp. Story about his acquisition of the 3-skilling banco. Illus.

SWE A 61 E "Castle art quartet launches new Sweden specialty." C. Brunström. S COL. 1987. 1p. Illus.

SWE A 62 E "Die varieties: Sweden Scott 280, 302 Gustaf V issue." J. Brunskill. LINN'S. 1p. Illus.

SWE A 63 E "Sweden's elusive tete-beche pair." D. O'Keefe. LINN'S. 1987. 1p. Illus.

SWE A 64 E "Some Special War Routing." I. Gazda. AP. 5/85. 5pp. POW mailing story includes the involvement of Swedish markings.

SWE A 65 E "Swedish Cancellations..A Few Notes." G. Larson. STAMPS. 3/49. 2pp. Illus.

SWE A 66 E "Swedish R.R. Cancellation..More Notes." C. Leonard. STAMPS. 7/49. 2pp. Illus.

SWE A 67 E "Postal cards honoring Swedish-Finnish settlement prompt U.S. collectors to add stationery to collections." C.Fricke. LINN'S. 6/88. 1p. Illus.

SWE A 68 E "Go for the gold - Olympic thematic offers challenge." J.A. Bowman. S COL. 9/88. 1p. Illus. The German games are emphasized, mentioned is the first use of a roller cancel and handstamp by the Swedish P.O. at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

SWE A 69 E "Free publicity-Sweden souvenir sheet generates controversy." C. Brunström. S COL. 11/88. 1p. Stamps shows player's shirt with ICA (food store chain emblem). Illus.

SWE A 70 E "Notes on Sweden's 350th Anniversary of New Sweden Issues-The Community of Abandoned Hopes." L. Lewy. AP. 12/88. 2pp. Story of Bishop Hill, Illinois. Contains short clip by Edgar Lewy about C.Slania's moon stamp. Illus.

SWE A 71 E "Sweden-The 30 Öre Large Official, Plate 1." R.M. Fishenden. SC. Undated. 5pp. Illus.

SWE A 72 E "The local posts of Scandinavia-Sweden 1887-89." W. Annand. SC. 1983. 17pp. Illus.

SWE A 73 G Photocopies of miscellaneous articles about Swedish philately. Unknown source. 1985. 36pp.

SWE A 74 S "Plåtuppsättningar på Tj 16, 10 Öre röd." M. Gustafsson. SFT. 1/86. 4pp. Differences between plate 1 & 2 of the 10 Ore red large officials are outlined. Illus.

SWE A 75 E "New publishing house expects to bring change to Swedish catalogs." C. Brunström. S COL. 1/89. 1p. The Swedish Philatelic Federation, Frimarkshuset & Skogs Book Printing Co have joined forces to produce the new FACITS. Also 1989 Swedish stamp program.

SWE A 76 E "Ship sunk in 1628 finds new glory." J. Pollack. Chic.Trib. 12/88. 1p. Story of the WASA that sunk in Stockholm harbor at launching. Illus.

SWE A 77 E "Sweden honors Nobel winners on stamps." R. Anderson. LINN'S. 1/89 1p. Illus.

SWE A 78 E "The Local Posts of Sweden." C. Brunström. STAMPS. 12/88. 1p.

SWE A 79 E "Why Sweden?" C. Maycock. S COLG. 9/73. 2pp. One man's reasons for collecting Swedish stamps. Illus.

SWE A 80 E "The Post in Stockholm in 1862." J. Jory. S COLG. 3/62. 1p.

SWE A 81 E "The Gota Canal: Sweden's Blue Ribbon." R. Anderson. LINN'S 3/89. 1p. A history of the intriguing waterway. Illus.

SWE A 82 E "Stockholm's local post served city for six years." L. Williams. LINN'S. 4/89. 1p.

SWE A 83 E "Ancient Gotland - Viking spirits mongle with sun-seekers in the Baltic." M. Nilsson. Chic.Trib. 2pp. Article about Viking remains on this Swedish island. Illus.

SWE A 84 E "Swedish ship mail markings." I. Wågerman & B. Steiner. SEAPOSTER. 3-4/89. 2pp. Lists some of +he "ABPXP" cancels of the steamer post offices. Illus.

SWE A 85 E "Little Sweden A pocket of the old country thrives on the plains of Kansas." L. Unruh. Chic.Trib. 6/89. 2pp.

SWE A 86 S "ÅNGBÅTSPOST." A. Månsson. 14pp. List of Swedish Mailboat cancels. Gift of Ron Collin.

SWE A 87 E "SWEDEN." Many articles about this country and its stamps.

SWE A 88 E "Sweden honors Sweden's Baltic islands." R. Anderson. LINN'S. 2/90. 1p.

SWE A 89 S "Fortegnelse over Hälsingborgs privat Postforetagendes, Franking, Helsager og Afstemplinger fra 1926 til 30/6 1947." I. Sjölin. 8pp. Listing of various local stamps, stationery and cancels of Hälsingborg. Gift of G. Strauss.

SWE A 90 E "Stockholm city local post." L.Williams. LINN'S 10/90. 1p.

SWE A 91 E "Sweden's first air mail flown in 1912." C. Brunström. S Col. 10/90. 1p.

SWE A 92 E "Mistake on Swedish local." L. Williams. LINN'S 12/90. 1p. Controversy about the use of the Danish letter Ø on an 1887 Swedish local issue.

SWE A 93 E "Stockholm's overprinted local." L. Williams. LINN'S. 2/91. 1p.

SWE A 94 E "Sweden's short-lived locals of the 1940s." L. Williams. LINN'S. 4/91. 1p. Story of the Södertälje Local Post.

SWE A 95 E "Sweden: 1924 UPU Congress and 50th Anniversary Issues." R. Anderson. UPUC Publication. 1991. 8pp. Illus. Gift of author.

SWE A 96 E "Early Stamps of Sweden." E. Glasgow. Stamp Lover. 6/91. 2pp.

SWE A 97 E "The U.N.'s Swedish contingent in Cyprus." J. Ertughrul. S COL. 6/91. 1p.

SWE A 98 E "The 10 Öre of Sweden." K. Beales. The Stamp Magazine. 5/65. 2pp. Depicts flaws on this issue. Donated by R. Wahlberg

SWE A 99 E "The Story of New Sweden in Philately." A. Gruber. AP 7/91. 3pp. Illus.

SWE A 100 E "Sweden alters rules for discount stamps." C. Brunström. S COL. 7/91. 2pp.

SWE A 101 E "Sweden to honor rock and pop musicians and engraver Slania with stamp booklets." LINN'S 9/91. 1p.

SWE A 102 E "Swedish Stamps Are Different." C. Brunström. Global Stamp News. 11/91. 1p.

SWE A 103 E "Facit catalog signals new season; Slania honored." C. Brunström. S COL. 9/91. 1p.

SWE A 104 E "Rock stamps focus media on Stamp Day - Norwegian Posthorn issues." C. Brunström. S COL. 12/91. 1p.

SWE A 105 E "Annual Swedish discount stamps make an interesting pursuit." R. Anderson. S COL. 1/92. 1p.

SWE A 106 E "New Swedish postal rates, modern errors." C. Brunström. S COL. 2/92. 1p.

SWE A 107 E "Swedish revenues are a challenge because of a lack of information." C. Brunström. S COL. 7/92. 1p.

SWE A 108 E "Swedish newspaper local was not to be canceled." L. Williams. S COL. 8/92. 1p.

SWE A 109 E "Swedish back marks." C. Brunström. S COL. 8/92. 1p.

SWE A 110 E "Explanation of Swedish booklet markings." J. Lindholm. LINN'S. 12/92. 1p.

SWE A 111 E "Pre-stamp Swedish mail is attractive, affordable." C. Brunström. S COL. 9/92. 1p.

SWE A 112 E "Swedish Post Office could go public in 1993." C. Brunström. S COL. 12/92. 1p. Also has article about high value Greenland stamp and Regummed - so what?

SWE A 113 S "Stockholms första postkontor och tidiga posthistoria." G. Joos. NORDIA 92 KATALOG. 4pp.

SWE A 114 E "Swedish naturalist set up system to classify world flora and fauna." K. Wakefield. S COL. 4/90. 1p. Story about Linnaeus.

SWE A 115 E "Swedish 1885 stamp is valuable uniquity." L. Williams. S COL. 5/90. 1p. Story about the Yellow Skilling Banco.

SWE A 116 E "Currency changes meant a short life for Sweden's first stamps." C. Brunström. S COL. 2/93. 1p.

SWE A 117 E "Sweden moves the Arctic Circle; takes fame away from Polcirkeln." A. Delaney. S COL. 4/93. 1p.

SWE A 118 E "The warship WASA stamps". H. Baxter. THE NEW MEXICO PHILATELIST. 4-4/93. 2pp.

SWE A 119 E "Private Postal Servies." C. Brunstöm. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 3/93. 1p. Article about Swedish local posts.

SWE A 120 E "'Postage will be paid' stamps listed in 1993 FACIT Sweden." C. Brunström. S COL. 6/93. 1p.

SWE A 121 E "Service stamps franked early Swedish official mail." C. Brunström. S COL. 8/93. 1p.

SWE A 122 E "The Kalmar Nykel: The Swedish Ship and Her Stamps." A.A. Gruber. THE FLORIDA PHILATELIST. 10/93. 4pp. A feature article promoting the SCC which will hold its National Meeting at FLOREX '93.

SWE A 123 E "King Gustav III and the Treaty of Amity and Commererce Between the USA and Sweden." A. Gruber. GSN Winter Quarterly 1994. 2pp.

SWE A 124 E "Job in a Million." A. Wilson. AP 9/71. 5pp. Story about C. Slania.

SWE A 125 E "Modern Era of Swedish Stamp Design" & "Pantographic Transferring." Nils Strandell. POSTAGE STAMP DESIGN. 1950? 14pp.

SWE A 126 E "Swedish stamp club has lively discussions." C. Brunström. S COL. 6/94. 1p.

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SWE A 130 E "Telia helps Swedish phone card collectors." C. Brunström. S COL. 8/94. 1p.

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SWE A 133 E "King Gustav III and the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the USA and Sweden, 3 April, 1783. Alfred Gruber. GSN Winter Quarterly 1994 2pp.

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SWE A 136 E "Urgency Military Mail of Sweden Was Forerunner of Special Delivery." E. Faulstich. POSTAL HISTORY JOURNAL. 6/62. 5pp.

SWE A 137 E "Europe's rarest stamp." James Mackay. STAMP MAGAZINE 7/93. 2pp. Story of the unique Swedish 3 skilling-banco error of color.

SWE A 138 E "Sweden salutes long-time king." C. Brunström. S COL. 10/95. 2pp. Story about Carl XVI Gustaf & Queen Silvia.

SWE A 139 E "Early Swedish local stamps reported." C. Brunström. LINN'S. 1/96. 1p.

SWE A 140 E "Calling all Collectors: Take the Stamp Collector Landstormen Challenge." C. Brunström. S COL. 1/96. 1p. Article about Swedish semipostal stamps issued to support local troops during WW I.

SWE A 141 E "Swedish Watermarks." Walter Warner. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 4/96. 1p. Interesting article about controversial watermarks on Swedish stamps issued between 1911 and 1924.

SWE A 142 E "Change of Plans Creates Swedish Rarities." C. Brunström. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 2/96. 1p. Story of the "Varnamo" 55 & 80 Öre King Gustav V stamps that were issued in error.

SWE A 143 E "Swedes migrated to America 150 years ago." C. Brunström. S COL. 3/96. 1p.

SWE A 144 E "Swedish town has private local post." C. Brunström. S COL. 5/96. 1p.

SWE A 145 E "Sweden, Quiet Workshop for the World." A. Brown. Nat.Geo. Mag. 4/63. 26pp.

SWE A 146 E "Swedish color error goes to auction after a long legal dispute." R.Haesler. LINN'S 10/96. 1p. Article about the Three Skilling Banco yellow error of color.

SWE A 147 E "Most expensive stamp up for grabs in auction." C. Brunström. S COL. 10/96. 1p. Article about the Three Skilling Banco yellow error of color.

SWE A 148 E "Catalog Lists Swedish Locals." C. Brunström. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 6/96. 1p.

SWE A 149 E "Donate your collection wisely - Swedish Postal Museum really cares about stamps." C. Brunström. S COL. 12/96. 1p. Story of Hans Lagerlöf's philatelic donations.

SWE A 150 S "Först postkupén rullade 1859 - Nu är det slut!" G. Johansson. SFT 3/96. 4pp. Article about the cessation of railway sorting compartments on the Swedish trains.

SWE A 151 E "Swedish Postal Issues Commemorating Nobel Prize Laureates." H. Walton. AP. 12/96. 7pp.

SWE A 152 E "Sweden features churches, animals." S COL. 12/96. 1p. Article about stamp topics to be presented in 1997.

SWE A 153 E "Swedish Collector Designs Stamps for British Island." C. Brunström. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 12/96. 1p. Story about Lundy.

SWE A 154 E "New stamps, postage rates in Sweden." C. Brunström. S COL. 3/97. 1p.

SWE A 155 E "Collecting cancels of Sweden and Finland." R. Paulson. LINN'S. 3/97. 1p.

SWE A 156 E "Something Remarkable Happened In Varnamo, Sweden, On July 3, 1918." W. Warner. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 3/97. 1p.

SWE A 157 E "Swedish revenues secrets exposed in new catalogs." C. Brunström. S COL. 3/97. 1p.

SWE A 158 E "Isö stamps nothing more than cinderellas." C. Brunström. S COL. 4/97. 1p.

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