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SCA A 1 E "The Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania." S. Kronenberg. AP. 8/84. 2pp. Illus.

SCA A 2 G Mimeo pages about Denmark, Faroes, Island, and Sweden. 1987. 11pp.

SCA A 3 E "Revenues and fiscals - They're just as interesting as ordinary postage stamps." C. Brunström. S COL. 9/88. 1p.

SCA A 4 E "Special listing (of Scandinavian countries, Sept.3, 1988) taken from An Index to Revenue Articles Appearing in Serial Publications." R. Riley. 3pp.

SCA A 5 E "Distinguishing Characteristics of Classic Stamps." Scandinavian section. H. Schloss. Lindquist Publications. 1951. 14pp. Illus. Gift of Gene Lesney.

SCA A 6 E "News Clippings" about the 350th anniversary of the landing of the Swedes and Finns in Delaware. 30pp. Gift of Al Gruber.

SCA A 7 E Photocopies of articles of Scandinavian nature from WEEKLY PHILATELIC GOSSIP 1959 through 1961. From Maxwell Johnson Estate. Gift of Chapter 21.

SCA A 8 E "Cumulative Index to Scandinavian Philatelic Literature from 1950 to 1963." A. Brown. 20pp. From Maxwell Johnson estate, gift of Chapter 21.

SCA A 9 E "Scandinavian Philatelic Literature 1953 to 1962." A. Brown. 7pp. From Maxwell Johnson estate. Gift of Chapter 21.

SCA A 10 E "Czeslaw Slania-master of modern engraving." R. Anderson. LINN'S. 12/19/88. 2pp.

SCA A 11 E "New Facit catalog-Prices are moving upward, demand remains strong." C. Brunström. S COL. 10/88. 1p. Illus.

SCA A 12 E Photocopied Scandinavian articles (short) about cinderella items such as Locals, Moon Is., Helgoland & the Principality of Wikingland. 12pp. Illus.

SCA A 13 E "Swedish, Norwegian stamps used in Morokulien." C.Brunstrom. S COL. 2/89. 1p. Story of a village on the border between Sweden & Norway that uses either country's postal stamps.

SCA A 14 E "Scandinavian Newsletter." K. Jahr. 1950's Several copies.

SCA A 15 E "Map of Scandinavia." Scandinavian National Tourist Offices.

SCA A 16 E "People of the Arctic." J. Judge. NAT.GEO.MAG. 2/83. 78pp.

SCA A 17 E "Estonia ties with Finland, Sweden prompt interest in independence." C. Brunström. S COL. 12/90. 1p. Also discusses Lauson Stone's recent Swedish auction.

SCA A 18 E "Socked-on-nose cancels popular with Sweden, Norway collectors." C. Brunström. S COL. 1/91. 1p. Discusses the new Facit catalog, Danish ferry stamps and Danish frama labels.

SCA A 19 E "Aland, Greenland, Faroe Islands join the Nordic issues countries." "Danish stamp money." "Greenland rarity - Rockwell Kent air mail." C. Brunström. S COL. 3/91. 1p.

SCA A 20 E "The Nordic issues sometimes ignored." R. Anderson. S COL. 3/91. 1p. Illus.

SCA A 21 E "Danish imperforate error has high value." "A philatelic (Swedish) Oscar." "Swedish Newspaper stamp." C. Brunström. S Col. 4/91. 1p.

SCA A 22 E "Danish emergency stamp printing kept secret until recent decision." "Sweden gets Frama." "Stamp clubs." C. Brunström. S Col. 5/91. 1p.

SCA A 23 E "Scandinavia provides variety to collectors." R. Anderson. LINN'S. 7/91. 1p.

SCA A 24 E "Artistry of Scandinavian stamp design." J. Lindholm. LINN'S 9/91. 1p.

SCA A 25 E "Back-of-the Book - Scandinavia." R. Anderson. Stamps. 2 pp.

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SCA A 27 E "America-Scandinavian Philatelic Connection." R. Lang. 1p. STAMPS. 8/93.

SCA A 28 EDNG "File of Scandinavian Articles." 200+ pp. Personal file of the donor, Robert Frigstad.

SCA A 28 E "File of Scandinavian Articles from the Scandinavian Scribe". Donated by Alan Warren. Listing available on request.

SCA A 30 E "Scandinavian Mail to Bordeaux 1739-1800." G. Hughmark. Postal History Journal. 2/95. 10pp.

SCA A 31 E "The Scandinavian Connection." Russell Anderson. U.S. STAMPS & POSTAL HISTORY. Jan-Feb 1995. 4pp.

SCA A 32 E "The Blackened Airmail Covers. The Airpost Journal. E. Thomassen. 9pp.

SCA A 33 E "Scandinavia". Peter Berry. STAMP MAGAZINE. 5/93. 3pp. Brief descriptions of each country's philately.

SCA A 34 E "A Short History of Scandinavian Collectors Club, Chapter 4". Benjamin Cohen. COMPEX '96 DIRECTORY. 2pp.

SCA A 35 E "A curious approach to collecting." Joe Foley. S COL. 5/96. 1p. A cute story about collecting Finnish stamps.

SCA A 36 E "Viking Festival in the Shetlands." K. Gullers. Nat.Geo.Mag. 12/54. 5pp.

SCA A 37 E "Vinland Ruins Prove Vikings Found The New World." H. Ingstad. Nat.Geo.Mag. 11/64. 24pp.

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SCA A 40 E "Baltic region shines on Scandinavian stamps." R. Paulson. LINN'S. 1/97. 1p.

SCA A 41 E "Crusader's cross lives on flags of Scandinavia." R. Paulson. LINN'S. 1/97. 1p.

SCA A 42 E "Viking voyage gets to Land's End." D. Hajewski. MILW. J/S. 6/97. 2pp.



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