NEC 1 D K.P.K. JUBILÆUMS UDSTILLINGEN. 1937. 32pp. Priced listing of Danish number cancels on 1864, 1870, and 1875 issues, from the KPK (Copenhagen) exhibition catalog of 1937.

NEC 2 D BALTISK FRIMÆRKEUDSTILLING 1941....Frederiksberg, Danmark. 1941.

NEC 3 D FRIMÆRKEUDSTILLING "AARHUS"....Aarhus, Danmark. 1941.

NEC 4 D NORDISK FRIMÆRKEUDSTILLING 1947....Kobenhavn, Danmark. 1947.


NEC 6 D OST FOR STORESBÆLT....Ringsted, Danmark. 1947.


NEC 8 D DANMARKS FRIMÆRKER 100 AARS JUBILÆUM....Kobenhavn, Danmark. 1951.


NEC 10 D JUBILÆUMSUDSTILLING....Lyngby, Danmark. 1959.

NEC 11 D FRIMÆRKETS DAGS....Odense, Danmark. 1964.

NEC 12 D JUBILÆUMSUDSTILLING....Lyngby-Virum, Danmark. 1974.

NEC 13 F NORDIA 1975....Helsinki, Finland. 1975. Bulletin 3.

NEC 14 D OPEX 75....Kobenhavn, Danmark. 1975.

NEC 15 I NORDIA 84....Reykjavik, Iceland. 1984. Bulletins 1,2, & 3.

NEC 16 F NORDIA 1985....Helsinki, Finland. 1985. Bulletins 3 & 4.

NEC 17 D NORDATLANTEX-86....Thorshavn, The Faroes. 1986.

NEC 18 N OSLO 86....Oslo, Norway. 1986. Katalog 3.

NEC 19 E BALPEX 87....Baltimore, MD. 1987.

NEC 20 D Article, pricing ring cancels on 4 Skilling 1853-57s. From an exhibition catalog. 1942. 8pp.

NEC 21 E SESCAL 88...Los Angeles, CA. 1988.

NEC 22 N "SORLAND 82"...Kristiansand Filatelistklubb, Norway. 1982.


NEC 24 D CARITAS 1958. Denmark. Christmas seal exhibition.

NEC 25 E STAMPSHOW 88. Palmares listing. Detroit, MI. 1988.

NEC 26 D CARITAS. Kobenhavn. 1953. Prospectus for the Christmas seal exhibit. 30pp.

NEC 27 D DAFILO '88. ODENSE NATIONAL STAMP SHOW CATALOG. 1988. 80pp. Many interesting articles about Danish postal history. Motive exhibiting is discussed. Illus.

NEC 28 N NORDIA 1989 - Bulletin 2. 36pp. Shows the various commemorative cancels that will be used. Article about Svinesund (Norway) postal history. Illus.

NEC 29 N NIDARO 87 Katalog. Trondheim, Norway. 1987. 100pp. Articles: (1) National steamship routes to Throndhjem 1838-1865 and (2) Postal history of the Merakerbanen train route from Sundsvall, Sweden to Trondheim, Norway. Illus. Gift of Knut Glamso.

NEC 30 S NORDIA 90 - Bulletin 1. Lund, Sweden 1990.

NEC 31 N BERGEN-AATTIFEM. Norwegian National Show held in Bergen. 6/85. 96pp. Illus. Articles: "Local post in Bergen" & "Motive exhibiting- Norway." Gift of Arnold Werner.

NEC 32 D VIBORG 89. Catalog of National show held in Viborg, Denmark 4/89. 80pp. 14 short articles. Gift of Ib Eichner-Larsen.

NEC 33 E ANPHILEX - 1971. Exhibition catalog. 128pp. Collectors Club of New York show. Many illustrations of top collections. Gift of John Dasher.

NEC 34 N FREFIL 84 - Norway. National Show Catalog. 75pp. Articles tell about Svinesund's postal history and the Fire Skilling Posthorn. Illus. Gift of the Frederikstad Filatelistklubb.

NEC 35 N FREFIL 88 - Norway. Regional Show Catalog. 30pp. Articles tell about the Club's history & depicts modern unlisted stamp varieties. Illus. Gift of the Frederikstad Filatelistklubb.

NEC 36 E STaMpsHOW 89 Exhibition Catalog. Anaheim, CA. 1989. 48pp. A very special WSP show because 4 out of 32 entries were Scandinavian exhibits with Dr Roger Schnell's DWI taking the Grand Award.

NEC 37 E NAPEX 85. Show catalog. 20pp. Gift of Helen Sommer.

NEC 38 E WESTPEX '85. Show catalog. 32pp. Gift of Helen Sommer.

NEC 39 E S.E.P.A.D. PHILATELY. 10/89. Exhibition publication.

NEC 40 I ISLANDIA 73. Exhibition catalog of the National Show held in Reykjavik. 9/73. 24pp. Gift of Wally Gaarsoe.

NEC 41 N NIDARØ 78 - NORDISK FRIMEUTSTILLING. Tronheim, Norway. 1978. 104pp. Gift of Wally Gaarsoe.

NEC 42 N SCHEEN 89. Skien, Norway. 1989. 68pp. National Philatelic Exhibition for youngsters. Program & Palmare Listing. Gift of the Norsk Filatelistforbund.

NEC 43 I&E NORDIA 91. Bulletins 1, 2, 3 & 4. Article by George Sickles: "Foreign Military Mail In Iceland."

NEC 44 E STaMpsHOW 90. Catalog. 46pp. Gift of Russ Anderson.

NEC 45 N BERGEN 90. KATALOG & PALMARES. 70pp. Illus. Highlighted by an article about postal history involving a steamship company, Det Midthordlandske Dampskipsselskab and OSBANEN, a 6 page postal history of a NE Norwegian railroad. Donated by the Norsk Filatelistforbund.

NEC 46 N TYFEX 90. KATALOG & PALMARES. Trondheim. 70pp. National Norwegian Exhibit for Juniors. Donated by the Norsk Filatelistforbund.

NEC 47 N NORDJUNEX 90. KATALOG & PALMARES. Oslo. 70pp. National Norwegian Exhibit for Juniors. Donated by the Norsk Filatelistforbund.

NEC 48 E ARIPEX '91. Catalog. 1991. 36pp. Tucson, Arizona Show that hosted the National meeting of the SCC. Grand prize was awarded to Peer Lorentzen for his great Danish exhibit, DENMARK #1-10. H. Arnould took the Reserve Grand for POSTAL HISTORY OF THE DANISH WEST INDIES. Altogether 10 Gold awards were won by Scandinavian exhibitors.

NEC 49 D HJEMSTAVN 90. CATALOG. Odense, Denmark. 1990. 90pp. A Danish exhibit featuring Postal History. Many articles on this subject. Gift of the Swedish Postmuseum.

NEC 50 D NÆSTVED 90. CATALOG. Næstved, Denmark. 1990. 82pp. Many articles with the main one dealing with Næstved and its surrounding post offices. Gift of the Swedish Postmuseum.

NEC 51 N NORDIA 92 Bulletin 1. Kristiansand, Norway. 24pp. Article about Sørlandet (The area around Kristiansand). Donated by Ib Eichner-Larsen.

NEC 52 S GOTHIA 81 - GÖTEBORG NATIONAL FRIMÄRKSUTSTÄLLNING. 64pp. Catalog of the 1981 SFF National show held in Göteborg, Sweden. Donated by the Swedish Postmuseum.

NEC 53 S GOTHEX 85 - GÖTEBORG NATIONAL FRIMÄRKSUTSTÄLLNING. 72pp. Catalog of the 1985 SFF National show held in Göteborg, Sweden. Includes an article: Göteborgs Stadspost 1888-1889. Donated by the Swedish Postmuseum.

NEC 54 E NOJEX 1989. 20pp. National SCC meeting held at this show. Dr. Keith Klugman received the Grand Award with his DWI exhibit, THE FOREIGN MAILS OF ST THOMAS PRE-UPU.

NEC 55 E PHILATELIC SHOW 91. 42pp. Roger Quinby received the Grand Award with his exhibit, FINLAND:1891 RING STAMPS AND POSTAL STATIONERY.

NEC 56 D SELANDIA '91. 80pp. Danish National Exhibition held in Herlev. Index of articles available. Gift of T. Bøcher Knudsen.

NEC 57 E STaMpsHOW 91. 48pp. Catalog of the APS National show held in Philadelphia, August 1991, featuring the WSP winners. Grand Award was presented to Peer Lorentzen for his great exhibit, DENMARK 1-10, 1851-1863. Publication donated by Alan Warren.

NEC 58 S NORDIA 80 - BULLETIN. Malmø, Sweden. 1979. 36pp. Handbook with many articles.Donated by George Koplowitz.

NEC 59 D HOFI'92. 112pp. Catalog of the 80th anniversary show of the Horsens Filatelistklub. Good article by the JKE Group on Horsens postmarks. Gift of Tom Plovst.

NEC 60 F NORDIA 1993. BULLETIN 1. 40pp. This Nordic show is to be held in Helsinki in May 1993. Gift of Christian Sundman. BULLETIN 2. 32pp. Article: "Russian Stamps on Finland's Foreign Mail 1891-1918". Kaj Hellman. Translated by the Hvidonovs.

NEC 61 N BORGFIL-91. 62 pp. Show catalog of the Sarpsborg, Norway stamp exhibit. Article about landscapes on Norwegian stamps. Gift of Norsk Filatelistforbund.

NEC 62 E STaMpsHOW 92. 48pp. Catalog of the APS National show held in Oakland, CA, August 1992, featuring the WSP winners. Publication donated by American Philatelic Society.

NEC 63 E NORDFRIMEX 85. 98pp. Catalog of the Bella Center Philatelic Exhibit held in September, 1985. Contains the elaborate study of the Danish Numeral Cancels completed by the JKE Group. Donated by Dr. W.E. Melberg.

NEC 64 D NÆSTVED FILATELISTKLUB 45 Års JUBILÆRUM. 1985. 100pp. Two outstanding articles: "The Last Handmade Swedish Stampbooklets" & "Landscapes from Island 1925."

NEC 65 D NORDIA 94 BULLETIN. Århus October, 1994. 20pp.

NEC 66 E WESTPEX '94. Program and Palmares of the 1994 SCC Annual convention in San Francisco. April 29,3- & May 1.

NEC 67 D NATIONAL FRIMÆRKEUDSTILLING - ESBJERG 86. 128pp. Articles: Esbjerg Postkontor, Danmark Postfærge, Reparationer på frimærker, 8 Øre Vandemærke Nye Krone, Prøvetryk 1938, Esbjerg's stjerne-og udslebne stjernestempler, Viborg's Bypost & Spejder Samling. Gift of Glenn Hansen.

NEC 68 D "1806 - POSTEN - 1956". Københavns Postbudes 150 Aars Jubilæum. 1956. 112pp. The big National Exhibit in København. Featured article is about the FODPOSTEN I KØBENHAVN. Gift of Jens Nyboe.

NEC 69 D "NORDIA 94" KATALOG - Aarhus 1994. 130pp. Several articles about Aarhus, Island, Grønland, Finland and Sweden. Will send you a listing if interested. Palmares Listing. 16pp.

NEC 70 E PHILATELIC SHOW '95. Program and Palmares of the 1995 SCC Annual convention in Boxborough, Mass. April 28 - 30, 1995.

NEC 71 E STaMpsHOW 95. 55pp. Catalog of the APS National show held in St Louis, August 1995. featuring the WSP winners. Grand Award was presented to Howard L. Arnould for his great exhibit, DANISH WEST INDIES POSTAL HISTORY - FOREIGN MAILS BEFORE 1880.

NEC 72 N DE-NO-FIL. Oslo 1951. 105pp.

NEC 73 D ARNØPHIL 76. København. March 1976. 66pp.

NEC 74 D NORDPHIL '79. Hvidovre, Denmark. 82pp.

NEC 75 E ROMPEX '96. SHOW CATALOG 38pp. and PALMARES LISTING. 4pp. This Show was the site of the SCC 1996 annual meeting. Roger Quinby's exhibit: "Finland's 1918 Temporary Wartime Vassa/Wasa Issue" won the GRAND AWARD. Gordon Morrison's exhibit: Iceland Postal Cards received the RESERVE GRAND and Jared Richter's exhibit: "Denmark 2 RBS" won the ONE-FRAME GRAND AWARD. This was one of the largest presentation of Scandinavian exhibits (50) ever at a US National Show. Gift of Bob Lang.

NEC 76 D NORDATLANTEX - 96. SHOW CATALOG - FAROES. June 1996. 56pp. Commemorating 60 years of the Philatelic Society of the Faroes. Gift of Jan Bendix.

NEC 77 D VIBORG 1979. FILATELISTKLUBBENS 50 ÅRS JUBILÆUMS UDSTILLING. 75pp. Articles: "Da Viborg havde blaa Postkasser." (F. Mørck), "Felt og krigsfangeposten ved Viborg." (V. Andersen), "Danmarks første frimærke." (H. Schønning), "Grønlands 'portomærker'." J. Sørensen & T. Nørby, "Dobbeltmorderen Rasmus Mørke Henrettelse paa Kleitrup Hede, 1 1/2 Mil fra Hobro, d.5te Januar 1881." V. Andersen, "Poststempler fra Viborg." Å. Kabell & "De tofarvede." B. Schaffer, K. Hansen, L. Nielsen and S. Seitzberg.

NEC 78 D SELANDIA '81. 96pp. Danish National Exhibition held in Herlev in Sept. 1981. Index of articles available.

NEC 79 IED NORDIA 96 - Nordisk frimærkeudstilling. Catalog & Palmares listing. 116pp. Nordic held in Reykjavik, 25 - 27 Oct. 1996. Lead article: "Thomas De La Rue & Co. Limited. - Stamp Issues 1930 to 1944." by Þór Þorsteins.

NEC 80 D NORDIA 98 - Bulletin. 14pp. Nordic Exhibition to be held in Odense - 16-18 Oktober 1998. Rules and entry forms.

NEC 81 E APS STAMPSHOW 97. Annual American Philatelic Society convention show. Held in Milwaukee, WI - August 21-24, 1997. 50pp. Lists exhibits, dealers and various programs.



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