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ICE B 1 E "ICELAND - I Gildi". V. Weirgang & S. Yort. 1945. 75pp. Original working papers for their article on the Iceland I Gildi '02-'03 overprints, bound with the monograph, plates.

ICE B 2 E ICELANDIC POSTS, 1776-1919 UNDER DANISH ADMINISTRATION. E.A.G. Caroe. LP. 4/44-1/47. 84pp. A serious study on that period, for the Icelandic specialist. Much information on postal history, rates, cancels, and post offices.

ICE B 3 I SÖGUPÆTTIR LANDPOSTANNA VOLUMES 1 & 2. (Undated). Photocopies from microfiche, covering in two volumes the early postal history, post offices and personalities of Iceland.

ICE B 4 E ICELAND-A BIBLIOGRAPHY. L. Winick. A SCC Handbook, 1978. 32pp. Listing of Iceland-oriented philatelic articles and books in the English language. Also contains a continuation and addenda.

ICE B 5 D ISLANDSKE POSTSTEMPLER 1. DEN DANSKE PERIODE. S. Thorsteinsson. 1979. 28pp. Icelandic postal history during the Danish period.

ICE B 6 I POSTNUMERASKRA ASAMT BÆJATALI A ISLANDI. Post and Telecommunications Adm. 1979. 60pp. Postal Directory (ZIP Code) with place names of Iceland.

ICE B 7 I SKRA YFIR POSTAFGREIDSLUR OG BRIEFHIRDINGAR ARIN 1873-1973. Islandic Postal Administration. 1974. 40pp. Directory of all post offices ever operated in Iceland, by classes, opening and closing dates, and the district in which located.

ICE B 8 E ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF ICELANDIC STAMPS. J.A. Jonsson. 1977. 472pp. The long-awaited handbook. Color plates. Well illus. Original lost in flood - new copy donated by author.

ICE B 9 E HANDBOOK OF ICELANDIC POSTAL STATIONERY. R.W. Scherer. 52pp. Catalogs all Iceland's postal stationery. Prices in US Dollars.

ICE B 10 D ISLANDSKE POSTSTEMPLER. M. Nørgaard. 1947. 40pp. Lists types of cancels of Iceland, when and where placed in use, also listing of the numeral cancels. Illus.

ICE B 11 E GIMBEL STAMP NEWS. 1940. 10pp. Misc. offerings of Icelandic stamps and covers. Illus.

ICE B 12 E ICELAND, THE 1902-'03 OVERPRINTS. E.A.G. Caroe. (Undated). 25pp. Illus.

ICE B 13 N ISLANDS FRIMERKER. C.A. Pihl. NFT Handbook, 1946. 28pp. Handbook on Iceland's stamps issued to 1944. Illus.

ICE B 14 E STAMPS OF ICELAND. E. Wise. 1976. 32pp. Interesting stories of these stamps. Illus. Gift of Ron Collin.

ICE B 15 I BÆATAL A ISLANDI ASAMT POSTNUMERASKRA. Iceland Post and Telecommunications Administration. 1976. 160pp. Directory of farms in Iceland. Lists county names, rural district, etc. English summary by W. Sommer. "ZIP" code and map.

ICE B 16 D ISLANDIC POSTSTEMPLER 2. BLÆKNNULERINGER. S. Thorsteinsson. 1979. 14pp. History of pen cancels used in Iceland. Illus.

ICE B 17 I POSTSAGA SUOUR THINGEYJARSYSLU, 1 HEFTI. E. Hallgrimsson. 1983. 92pp. Postal Offices from the top North Central part of Iceland, showing location, building, list of Postmasters, etc.

ICE B 18 E ICELAND CANCELLATIONS AND RELATED MATERIALS. Collection of articles translated from the Icelandic Collectors Journal. A very interesting manuscript for any postmark collector. Sponsored by the SPF. Edited by the IPSC. 1984. 96pp. Gift of Alan Warren.

ICE B 19 I ISLAND POSTNUMERASKRA. 1987. 34pp. Postal zone book.

ICE B 20 I POSTHUS OG BREFHIRDINGAR A ISLANDI. Klubbar Skandinaviusafnara. 1986. 126pp. Listing of Icelandic postoffices. Each with all known cancels. Very complete. Gift of Frank Mooney.

ICE B 21 I UM FRIMERKJASOFNUN. S. Thorsteinsson. 1986. 78pp. Stories about philately. Illus. Gift of the author.

ICE B 22 IE SKRANING FLUGA AD OG FRA UM ISLAND. S Thorsteinsson. 1986. 12pp. Catalog of flights to and from and around Iceland. Illus. Gift of the author.

ICE B 23 I ISLENSK POSTKORT & MAXIM KORT. S. Thorsteinsson. 1987. 12pp. Listing of Icelandic maximum cards 1973-1987-. (Gives the quantities issued). Gift of the author.

ICE B 24 ORDABOK FRIMERKJASAFNARA. S. Thorsteinsson. 1964. 128pp. Icelandic dictionary of philatelic terms. Icelandic/English/German/Danish. (#4 of 500 copies) Gift of Frank Mooney.

ICE B 25 G KOHL - BRIEFMARKEN HANDBUCH ISLAND. H. Munk. Undated. 66pp. Photocopies of a handbook of Icelandic stamps.

ICE B 26 I SYNINGARSKRA - 1977, 1978 & 1980. Yearbooks of the Stamp Club of Askja. 50pp.

ICE B 27 GE ZEPPELINPOST DER ISLANDFAHRT. I. Lukanc. FISA. 1988. 40pp. Listing of Iceland Graf Zeppelin flight covers (1931). Pricing in DM. Includes English translation. Illus.

ICE B 28 I POSTSAMNINGAR. 1975. Iceland postal regulations. 1975. 500pp. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 29 E ICELAND - A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. PR brochure. 12pp. Illus. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 30 I ICELAND - Post office report. 1906-1926. 72pp. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 31 I ICELAND - Post office report. 1927-1931. 16pp. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 32 I GJALDSKRA. Icelandic postal rates. 1969. 10pp. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 33 I GJALDSKRA. Icelandic postal rates. 1972. 7pp. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 34 I GJALDSKRA. Icelandic postal rates. 1973. 7pp. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 35 I HANDBOK UM ISLENZK FRIMERKI. 1973. 69pp. Illus. Listing of Icelandic stamps from 1920 to 1970. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 36 I MAPS OF ICELAND. Geodætisk Institut. 1976. Set of nine very detailed charts covering the entire country - obtained by aerial photographs. Gift of Helen Sommer.

ICE B 37 E ICELAND-PROVINCIAL POST OFFICES 1873 to 1919 - POSTAFGREIDSLUR. Undated. List of post offices. Includes name of district, beginning and end of service and postmark and type.

ICE B 38 E POSTAL SERVICE IN ICELAND. 1776-May 13th-1951. P&T. 1951. 52pp. Gift of Arnold Knudson.

ICE B 39 E KOHL POSTAGE STAMPS HANDBOOK. 11th Edition. Icelandic Section. 260pp. Revised by Dr H. Munk. Printed and donated by the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation. This book will not be published by the Foundation.


ICE B 41 G ICELAND - HANDBUCH - DIE PLATTENFEHLER DER SKILLING UND AURAR-MARKEN IM OVAL. W. Fenger & K. Bliese. Undated. 52pp. Illus. Plate flaws of the Skilling and Aurar oval stamps of Iceland. Gift of the Swedish Postmuseum.

ICE B 42 E EXPLORING ICELAND THROUGH ITS STAMPS - A PHILATELIC ODYSSEY. D. Brandt. 1991. 206pp. Illus. An extremely interesting publication about Iceland philately. Tells the truth about the finagling of some issues and events. Gift of the publishers, Iceland Review.

ICE B 43 D ISLAND - POSTALT SET I PERIODEN 1939-1945. K. Hopballe & O. Eliasson. 352pp. A thoroughly researched postal history of Icelandic postal service during WW II. Recommended to all collectors of this period. Many of the covers were sold at H.J. Rasch's sale in October 1991. The auction catalog will be included with the book upon request. Donated by one of the authors, O. Eliasson.

ICE B 44 E ICELAND CANCEL "287". Fred Bloedow. 1992. 50pp. Study papers and correspondence.

ICE B 45 G ISLAND - HANDBUCH - SKILLING UND AURAR-MARKEN IM OVAL. K. Bliese. 1991. 136pp. A detailed study of the Islandic Skilling and Aurar Oval stamps. Gift of the FG Nordische Staaten E.V.


ICE B 47 EDG FILE OF ICELAND ARTICLES. 200+ pp. Personal file of the donor, Ronald Collin.

ICE B 48 E MEDIEVAL ICELAND - SOCIETY, SAGAS and POWER. Jesse Byock. 1988. 264 pp. Donated by Gus Newman.

ICE B 49 E SALUTE TO ICELAND THIS WEEK. LINN'S STAMP NEWS. 4/64. 56pp. A complete publication devoted to Iceland philately. Gift of Harvey Gudmundson.

ICE B 50 S HANDBOK ÖVER ISLÄNDSKA NUMMERSTÄMPLER. P. Hammer. 1992. Gift of the Earl Jacobsen Fund.

ICE B 51 E FILE OF ICELAND ARTICLES. 200+ pp. Personal file of the donor, Ivar Gustavson.

ICE B 52 G ISLAND - GANZSACHEN 1879-1941. H. Schilling. 1994. 68pp. Handbook of Icelandic Postal Stationery. Gift of the FG Nordische Staaten E.V.

ICE B 53 E ICELAND - UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL VIKINGS. 32pp. Photocopies of a collection of "1000 years of Islandic Parliament set & Airmail C-Eagle." Donated by S. Serebrakian, Inc.

ICE B 54 I BÆJATALI A ISLANDI ASAMT POSTNUMERASKRA 1993. Post and Telecommunications Adm. 128pp. Postal Directory (ZIP Code) with place names of Iceland. Gift of S. Thorsteinsson.

ICE B 55 I OVERENSKOMST OM POSTFORBINDELSE MELLEM DANMARK OG ISLAND. P. & T. 1919. 28pp. Rules and regulations concerning postal service between Denmark & Iceland. Gift of S. Thorsteinsson.

ICE B 56 E ICELAND - DAUGHTER OF FIRE. Katharine Scherman. 1976. 364pp. Story of Iceland, its birth and people. Gift of Art Lind and Carl Probst.

ICE B 57 E CROWN AND POSTHORN CANCELLATIONS USED AT BREFHIRDINGAR 1894 - 1903. B. Flack & D. Loe. 1975 (?). 23pp. This treatise is not to be copied without specific permission of the authors!!

ICE B 58 E WALKING INTO ICELAND'S POSTAL HISTORY. Don Brandt. 1995. 239pp. Interesting philatelic stories about Iceland. Gift of the author.

ICE B 59 E ATLANTICA ICELAND REVIEW - The Icelandic Settlement in Canada 1875-1975. Many historical items are presented. Gift of Ron Collin.

ICE B 60 E INSIDE GUIDES ICELAND. Hans Höfer. 1993. 369pp. Informational book about Iceland.

ICE B 61 I ÍSLENSKIR STIMPLAR - BRÚAR-, RÚLLU- og VÉLSTIMPLAR 1894-1992. Þór Þorsteins. 1993. 110pp. Listing of Icelandic cancels. Gift of Frank Mooney & Ólafur Eliasson.

ICE B 62 I GJALDSKRÁ - FYRIR PÓSTÞJÓNUSTU - Gildir fr 16. Nóvember 1995. 10pp. Postal Rates from 1995. Gift of Frank Mooney & Ólafur Elíasson.

ICE B 63 I PÓSTHÚS OG BREFHIRINGAR Ã ÍSLANDI. Þór Þorsteinsson. 1991. 132pp. Publication listing post offices and letter collecting places of Iceland along with types of postmarks and dates of usage. Gift of Frank Mooney & Ólafur Elíasson.

ICE B 64 I 1995 - ÅRSSKYRSLA. 24pp. Postal Yearbook of Iceland. Gift of Siggy Þorsteinsson.

ICE B 65 I ÅRSSKYRSLA. Postal Yearbooks of Iceland. Set of 24 bound volumes. 1932 through 1986. Gift of Siggy Þorsteinsson.

ICE B 66 E ICELAND SPECIALIZED CATALOG 1997. English translation of the Iceland section of AFA SCANDINAVIAN SPECIALKATALOG 1995. 100 pp. Translated, revised, and updated with permission of Lars Boes by Boes, Jay Smith & Alan Warren. On-demand-publishing by Press for Philately and purchasable through the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation (the donor)

ICE B 67 E "POSTAL RATES IN ICELAND 1870 -1997". Brian Flack. The Scandinavian Philatelic Society, Surrey, England. 1998.

ICE B 68 D "Í GILDI 'O2 -'03". Historien om í gildi udgaven og beskrivelse af oval mærkerne. DAKA Forlag. 1998

ICE B 69 S "HANDBOK ÖVER ISLÄNDSKA NUMMERSTÄMPLAR". Handbook of Icelandic Numeral Cancellations. 1st. Ed. Föreningen Islandssamlarna. Reprint by Jay Smith. 96 pp.

ICE B 70 I,E "LAND OF LIGHT. PHOTOGRAPHS BY HAUKUR SNORRASON." (Iceland) Autographed by the President of Iceland.



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