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ICE A 1 E "Higgins and Gage Postal Stationery Catalog. Iceland." 1971. 5pp.

ICE A 2 D "Islands Kongemærker 1920 og 1931-32." F. Østergaard. NFT. 1968. 2pp. Varieties of this issue. Illus.

ICE A 3 N "Islandske Provisorer 1921-1930." S. Thorsteinsson. FSH. 1979. 2pp. Varieties on the overprints of this issue. Illus.

ICE A 4 G "Anlandungsstemple Auf Islandmarken." W. Holz. GSG. 1978. 40pp. Paquebot cancels on Icelandic stamps posted in England, Norway, Germany, Faroe Islands and Denmark. Illus.

ICE A 5 G "Abarten Island Blatt." W. Fenger and K. Bliiese. GSG. 1977. 8pp. Plate flaws on Icelandic stamps. Illus.

ICE A 6 I "Poststimplar i Reykjavik." S. Thorsteinsson. FRIMERKI. 1965. 8pp. Reykjavik postmark cancels. Illus.

ICE A 7 I "Erlendposthus a Islandi, Skraning erlenra poststimpla a Islandi eftir 1940." S. Thorsteinsson. FRIMEX. 1964. 8pp. Lists Canadian, English and American military and navy postal units.

ICE A 8 N "General Balbo's Eskadreflyving i 1933." S. Thorsteinsson. FF. 1979. 4pp. Balbo's world 1933 flight.

ICE A 9 I "Islenzk Flora A Frimerkjum." S. Thorsteinsson. 1971. 8pp. Iceland's flora on postage stamps. Illus.

ICE A 10 E "Hidden Clue." F. Mooney. AP. 4/88. 2pp. Story about philatelic Icelandic covers that mystified collectors for years. An enclosed letter finally solved the puzzle. Illus.

ICE A 11 E "The 1902-'03 Overprints." Various authors. 99pp.

ICE A 12 DE "Island. Islandske Blækannulleringer." F. Østergaard. 7pp. Manuscript Cancels. Illus.

ICE A 13 D "Islandske Skillingsbreve." Ib Eichner-Larsen. 5pp. About 7 rare skilling covers.

ICE A 14 G "Dreikreis Nummernstempel 236 in Gebrauch bei der Posthilfsstelle in Flaga Währende der Zeit 1931-1936." W. Holz and T. Runeborg. GSG. 1979. 8pp. Monograph on the 236 cancel.

ICE A 15 G "Anlandungsstempel aus Islandmarker." W. Holz. GSG. 1979. 5pp. Foreign postmarks on Icelandic stamps. Illus.

ICE A 16 G "Ascher's Postal Stationery catalog." 5pp. Iceland postal stationery 1883-1923. Excellent reference.

ICE A 17 S "Islands Aerogram." U. Lindberg. SFT. 1980. 3pp. Catalogs all aerograms issued. Details types, papers, and printings. Illus.

ICE A 18 N "Island's Port Payè." S. Thorsteinsson. FSH. 1979. 2pp. Lists all port Paye cancels 1974-1978. Illus.

ICE A 19 IE "Foreign port-of-arrival markings and transit marks on Iceland material." G.J. Ankerman. SC. 1967. 11pp.

ICE A 20 E "Icelandic Fishes 1939-45 Perforations." E.H. Wise. FSH. 1962. 2pp. Illus.

ICE A 21 N "Vedhengller Tab på de Islandskj Frimerkene." S. Thorsteinsson. FSH. 1980. 5pp. Monograph on the Icelandic issues having the "Tab" on the full sheets.

ICE A 22 N "Pr. Bud i Streik." S. Thorsteinsson. FSH. 1980. 2pp. Icelandic Budpost. Illustrations of various covers.

ICE A 23 D "Et Mærkvædigt I Gildi Mærke." F. Østergaard. NFT. 1980. 2pp. Monograph on the I Gildi '02-'03 overprint. Illus.

ICE A 24 E "The Revenue Stamps (and other non-listed material) of Iceland." J. Norton, ICELAND PHILATELIC JOURNAL. 1980. 26pp. A 4-part series of articles on this back-of-the-book material.

ICE A 25 D "Islandske Tjenestebreve." F. Østergaard and E. Eldrup. NFT. 1981. 3pp. Information on 4 skilling covers. Illus.

ICE A 26 A "Iceland Balloon Flight Forgery - 1957." LINN'S. 1980. 1p.

ICE A 27 D "Islandske Philatelistiske I Gildi Brev." H. Tysland. NFT. 9/87. 2pp. Description of the sale at auction of a philatelic I Gildi letter. Illus.

ICE A 28 D "Postskibsforbindelsen Mellem Island og Danmark 1774-1857." I. Rasmussen. NFT. 9/87. 20pp. Study of shipletters between Iceland & Denmark 1774-1857. Illus.

ICE A 29 E "US WW II Occupation of Iceland Resulted in Mail from All Branches of Armed Services." H. Pritchet. S COL. 1/88. 4pp. History of APO numbers. Illus.

ICE A 30 S "Islands Aerogram." U. Lindberg. SFT. 1980. 2pp. Icelandic aerograms. Illus.

ICE A 31 E "Post Office Locations in Iceland-A Philatelic Gazetteer." W. Sommer. AP. 1981. 23pp. A must for those that collect Iceland. Illus. Map showing postal codes.

ICE A 32 I "Iceland Postal Rates." Icelandic Postal Admin. 2pp. Years 1975, 1978, 1979, and 1980.

ICE A 33 E "The Iceland Steamship Co." SEAPOSTER. 1964. 2pp. Detailed story of this shipping line.

ICE A 34 E "The Icelandic Gullfoss Issue." S. Thorsteinsson. S CLG. 1960. 1p. Lists the printings on this problem issue. Illus.

ICE A 35 D "Lidt Mystik Omkring 2 Skilling Mærket fra Island." W. Fenger. DFT. 1981. 4pp. Lists plate and perf faults on this issue.

ICE A 36 E "Some Scandinavian Provisionals-Iceland." E.H. Wise. S COLG. 1962. 2pp. Lists all Icelandic provisionals. Illus.

ICE A 37 E "European Classics-Iceland." E. Mueller. MERCURY STAMP JOURNAL. 1954. 8pp. Much background material on the classic issues.

ICE A 38 E "The 'Blue Box' Frank of the Iceland Marines 1941." J.H. Sorensen. AP. 1982. 3pp. The Story behind this WW II postal cancel in Iceland.

ICE A 39 E "The Occupation of Iceland 1940-42." SC. 6/73. 1p. Information on U.S. occupation.

ICE A 40 G "Index listing of all published material on Iceland postal issues." GSG. 1982. 1p.

ICE A 41 E "Listing of Tollur Cancels." R. Collin. 1982. 1p. Gives Facit and Scott numbers of stamps on which these cancels appear.

ICE A 42 E "File on the Orlof overprint." From various philatelic sources. Illus. 4pp.

ICE A 43 E "Christian IX Stamps of Iceland." B.W. Poole. WESTERN STAMP COLLECTOR. 1949. 1p. Illus.

ICE A 44 D "10 Nye Islandske Skillingsbreve." DFT. 1982. 1p. The recent find of Skilling Covers. Illus.

ICE A 45 E "File on plate flaws." SS. LUREN. SC. 85pp. Illus.

ICE A 46 E "Postmarks of Iceland." T. Runeborg. SC. 1973. 8pp. Illus.

ICE A 47 D "Lidt om den Islandske Jubilæumsudgave fra l930 og dens problemer." T. Geil and E. Eldrup. NFT. 1982. 4pp. Problems of the Jubilee 1930 issue. Illus.

ICE A 48 E "Philatelic Find of the Century." D. Brandt. ATLANTICA. 1982-83. 2pp. The oldest Skilling stamps ever found on cover.

ICE A 49 E "A Study in Stamp Beauty - Icelandic First Day Covers since 1936, attracts international interest." G. Strauss. AP. 1961. 4pp. Illus.

ICE A 50 E "Charity Seal Collecting." A. Davis. LINN'S. 1966. 1p.

ICE A 51 E "The Iceland Orlof Overprints." SS.1965. 3pp. Printings, etc

ICE A 52 G "File on Numeral Cancellations. Handwritten Cancels. New postal rates as of Jan. 1981. 3 types of early Reykjavik cancels." AIR POST. 1981. 10pp.

ICE A 53 E "The Bible Cover." 2pp. The very famous and most valuable Skilling cover of Iceland. Fully described in Feldman's Auction, with the full story of this fabulous cover. Opening bid 300,000.00 SwF. Illus.

ICE A 54 E "An Unknown Printing Plate Error from Iceland." H. Schesch. FS. 1p. The 10 Aur Red, 1875-76, perf 14x13 1/2. Illus.

ICE A 55 E "A Winnipeg Cancel." J.R. Day. SS. 1966 1p. A mystery about this cancel on Scott 16, 5 Aur green.

ICE A 56 E "Hans Hals Collection Icelandic Postage Stamps." J.A. Jonsson. LINN'S. 1p. Interesting article about the man and his world famous collection of Iceland material.

ICE A 57 D "De Islandske Kongemærker 1914-1934." K. Juul. DFT. 1984. 5pp. Plate #'s, various printings, dates and amounts of stamps issued. Illus.

ICE A 58 D "Island Portotakster, 1870-1920." E. Eldrup and T. Jensen. NFT. 1984. 17pp. Postal Rates. Illus.

ICE A 59 E "Icelandic Skilling Covers." E.A.G. Caroe. LP. 1966 + 1972. 17pp. Illus.

ICE A 60 D "Fisk med filatelistisk spæl." L. Fuglsig. DFT. 1983. 3pp. All about those various perfs on the fish issue. Illus.

ICE A 61 E "The Falcons of Iceland." W. Sommer. AP. 1984. 4pp. Falcons as a symbol in Iceland history depicted on stamps, cancels, postmarks and collectibles. Illus.

ICE A 62 E "Photocopies of 17 WWII Iceland covers." J. Kennedy. 1941... The Marine Captain's personal mail. 17pp. Postal history.

ICE A 63 D "Brevforsendelser Island-Danmark." F. Østergaard. NFT. 6/87. 3pp. Letters: Iceland to Denmark, 1876-1907. Illus.

ICE A 64 I "Postburdagjöld." 1986. 3pp. Postal rate charts.

ICE A 65 E "Islands aerogram." & "1st Flights via Iceland." File of articles. Undated. 25pp. Illus.

ICE A 66 E "Iceland Stimpilmerki." File of articles. Undated. 20pp.

ICE A 67 S "Kring en Islandsutstallning på Postmuseum." S. Åhman. (1977?). 14pp. Illus. Description of an Icelandic exhibition at the Postmuseum in Stockholm.

ICE A 68 E "Numeral Cancellations of Iceland." 1961 & 1965. File of photocopies of various articles. 10pp. Illus.

ICE A 69 E "Iceland hosted British post offices during WW II." H. Prichett. S Col. 11-12/88. 2pp.

ICE A 70 E "Iceland stamps overprinted for fiscal use." H. Tester. Cinderella Philatelist. 7/72. 2pp.

ICE A 71 Du "Een stukje K.N.M.I. op Ijsland in 1932/1933." H. vanVucht. Unknown source. 7pp. Article about Dutch airline weather fore-casting station in Iceland using postcards to send information. Illus.

ICE A 72 E "Catalogue of Flights to and from and around Iceland." Unknown source & date. 8pp.

ICE A 73 D "Anbefalingsgebyret på brevforsendlser imellem Island og Danmark fra 1870 til 1920." I. Rasmussen & E. Eldrup. NFT. 1986. 10pp. Postal rates for registered mail between Iceland & Denmark. Illus.

ICE A 74 E "Iceland: A Postoffice gazetteer." SC. 1981. 50pp. Illustrated map sections.

ICE A 75 E "Iceland's early stamps are rare on cover." H. Herst. S Col. 1/77. 1p.

ICE A 76 E "The Challenge of an Island." J. Dekker. S COLG. 9/73. 3pp. Ship cancels of Iceland. Illus.

ICE A 77 S "Reviderad katalogisering av Island kortbre (spjaldbrjef)." L. Fuglsig. 1989. 4pp. Revised list of printings of Icelandic lettercards. Illus.

ICE A 78 N "Amerikansk militærpost i Island." H. Pritchett. NFT. 7/88. 7pp. Illus. "American Forces have landed in Iceland".

ICE A 79 E "Canada, Iceland, US honor Vikings of old." O. Cranmer. S Col. 11/89. 1p. Story of Viking settlements in North America.

ICE A 80 E "Iceland Edition." LINN'S publication devoted to Iceland articles. April 1964. Gift of Wally Gaarsoe.

ICE A 81 E "Iceland's Wild Glacier-born River." P. Vander-Molen. NAT.GEO.MAG. Undated. 17pp.

ICE A 82 E "Sailing Iceland's rugged coasts." W. Britten. NAT.GEO.MAG. 8/69. 40pp.

ICE A 83 E "ICELAND Life under the glaciers." L. Levathes. NAT.GEO.MAG. 2/87. 34pp.

ICE A 84 S "Amerikansk fältpost i Norden. del II." I. Wågerman. NF 6-7/89. 2pp. American military forces in Iceland. Lists the PO numbers.

ICE A 85 E "Reykjavik Utgafudagur." W. Sommer. 1980. 1p. Listing of different First Day Cancels of Reykjavik.

ICE A 86 E "Books on Iceland." Iceland Review. Mail order book list of publications available. 1990-1991. 8pp.

ICE A 87 E "Stamp of Perfection." M. Furnell. STAMP LOVER. 8/91. 2pp. Article about Thröstur Magnusson, an Icelandic artist, who has designed more than 140 Iceland stamps.

ICE A 88 E "O.A.T. Markings on Faroese and Icelandic letters from World War II." K. Hopballe. NAP. 1/91. 3pp.

ICE A 89 E "The Mystery Surrounding the Airmail surcharge on Icelandic letters to Denmark in the Fall of 1940." K. Hopballe & O. Eliasson. NAP. 1/91. 3pp.

ICE A 90 E "A Philatelic Visit to Iceland." W. Warner. STAMPS 10/63. 7pp.

ICE A 91 E "Icelandic Postal History." C. Parker. STAMP LOVER. 5/65. 5pp.

ICE A 92 E "ICELAND." J. Jaeger. 7pp. History of Iceland philately with listing of post offices.

ICE A 93 E "The Land of Sagas." A. Miltander. STAMPS. 2/65. 2pp.

ICE A 94 E "Iceland's History And People." R. Smith. WEEKLY PHILATELIC GOSSIP. 2/56. 2pp.

ICE A 95 E "They Tread on Hell's Rooftop." R. Smith. WEEKLY PHILATELIC GOSSIP. 1/56. 1p.

ICE A 96 N "Island - Tollur - forløpere." O. Eliasson. NORDIA 92 KATALOG. 6pp.

ICE A 97 E "Expensive Iceland air mails note Italo Balbo's 1930 Flying Armada." C. Brunstöm. S COL. 4/90. 1p.

ICE A 98 E "Selected Pages From Alan Warren's Files

ICE A 99 E "Two Hundred Years of Icelandic Posts." E. Wise. POSTAL HISTORY INTERNATIONAL. 8/76. 8pp.

ICE A 100 E "Iceland's small airline a big success." K. Morgenstern. CHICAGO TRIBUNE. 11/93. 1p.

ICE A 101 E "Iceland's 'I GILDI' overprints of 1902-03." F. Baumann. LINN'S 3/95. 1p.

ICE A 102 E "Iceland: An Island in Transition." Barbara L. Anderson. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 3/95. 2pp.

ICE A 103 E "Iceland." Richard Tarrant . STAMP MAGAZINE. 3pp. History of stamps.

ICE A 104 E "Beautiful stamps from the isle of fire and ice." J. Apfelbaum & A. Hollins. LINN'S 9/95. 1p.

ICE A 105 E "Iceland Tapestry." F. Vosburgh. Nat.Geo.Mag. 11/51. 30pp.

ICE A 106 E "Iceland Land of Hot Water and Beautiful Stamps". C. Brunström. Global Stamp News. 5/96. 1p.

ICE A 107 E "Iceland's First Airmail Issue and Variety." POSTHORN. 5/92. 4pp. OVERPRINT COPY and TRANSPARENCY.

ICE A 108 I "Lionsklúbbur Akraness 40 Ára." Siggy Þorsteinsson. 4pp. Article about a Lion's Club festival in Iceland.

ICE A 109 E "A Remarkable Woman." C. Brunström. Global Stamp News. 10/96. 2pp. A story about Halldára Bjarnadóttir, a leader in the advancement of women's rights in Iceland.

ICE A 110 E "Iceland's Guardian Spirits." D. Carman. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 12/96. 1p. Story about mythical creatures of Iceland.

ICE A 111 E "Iceland's trial by fire." S. Winter. Nat. Geo. Mag. 5/97. 17pp.

ICE A 112 E "ICELAND EMBRACES ITS HOSTILE EXTERIOR". Dick Lehr. Touring Island. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. 9/14/1997.

ICE A 113 E "STAMPS SHOW ICELAND'S GEOLOGICAL DIVERSITY." Bob Paulson. LINN'S Stamp News. Sept. 29, 1997.


ICE A 115 E "RARE STAMP FRANKS THE COVER THAT TELLS THE TALE." 1897 3 prir overprint issue with contents containing the reason for the surcharge. Wayne Youngblood. STAMP COLLECTOR. May 24,1999.

ICE A 116 E "FOR COLLECTOR AMENITIES, YOU CAN'T LICK KEFLAVIK." Frank Correl. American Philatelist. Oct. 1997. P.928.

ICE A 117 E "ISLANDSKE POSTSTEMPLER 2." S. H. Thorsteinson. Takkens Billig-helfter. Frost Forlag. 1979.

ICE A 118 I,E "Skráning fluga Að og frá og um Ísland. (Catalogue of flights to & from & around Iceland.) Sigurður H. Þorsteinsson. 1986.

ICE A 119 I "ISLENSK FRÍMERKI" Sigurdur H. Þorsteinsson. (Maximum Cards)



ICE A 122 E "THE BALBO COVERS" Christopher Brunstrom. Global Stamp News Sept. 2000.

ICE A 123 E "1930 MILLENARY OF PARLIAMENT AIRMAIL ISSUE - PHILATELIC LEGACY" Michael E. Falls. The Airport Journal. March 2001.p107.

ICE A 124 E "WORLD OF STAMPS: MILLENIUM OF NORSE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA" Geir Sør-Reime. Mekeel's & Stamps Magazine. May 11, 2001. P.16.



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