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GRE B 2 E GREENLAND CATALOGUE 1973. 5TH EDITION. E. Wowern. 13pp. Non-postal charity, Christmas stamps. Priced in DKr.

GRE B 3 E GREENLAND POSTMARK CATALOGUE 1973. E. Wowern. 56pp. Postmarks since 1938. Priced in DKr.

GRE B 4 D GRØNLANDS POSTVÆSEN: BERETNIGER VEDRØRENDE GRØNLANDS STYRELSE. 1945. 22pp. Handbook listing mail usage, total value stamps sold and where sold.

GRE B 5 D FRIMÆRKETS DAG. Odense, 1964. Handbook of Greenland issues, plate numbers, plate flaws. 76pp.

GRE B 6 G HEFT 40 GRÖNLAND (1938-1970). Dr A. Debo. 1970. 24pp. Handbook published by the GREENLAND STUDY UNIT. Well illustrated and annotated, covers all issues, cancels. Priced in DM.

GRE B 7 E GREENLAND AND THE FAROES. K. Lindskog and E. Wowern. 1967-1971. 184pp. In 3 parts: Greenland before 1938, Greenland after 1938 and the Faroe Islands. Well illustrated and annotated.

GRE B 8 E GREENLAND. T. Hjorne. 1985. 96pp. Catalogs and illustrates Pakke Porto stamps, postmarks, letters, and parcel cards. Donated by author.

GRE B 9 E GREENLAND 1980 GF1. PAKKE PORTO STAMPS 1905-1938. E. Wowern. 1980. 32pp. Catalogs Greenland's Polar Bear issue, lists printings, plate flaws, priced in DKr. Illus.

GRE B 10 D GRØNLAND-POSTSTEMPLER EFTER 1938. E. Wowern. 1962. 16pp. Catalogs cancels after 1938. Illus.


GRE B 12 E GREENLAND POSTMARKS SINCE 1938. R. King-Farlow and E. Wowern. SCC HANDBOOK. 1960. 14pp. Catalogs cancels after 1938. Illus.

GRE B 13 E GREENLAND 1982 GF1. PAKKE PORTO STAMPS 1905-1938. E. Wowern. 1982. 96pp. Catalogs and lists all Polar Bear Issues. Illus.

GRE B 14 E GREENLAND 1988 GF1. PAKKE PORTO STAMPS, 1905-1938. E. Wowern. 96 pp. Donated by Author.

GRE B 15 D GRØNLANDSKE POSTTAKSTER EFTER 1938. P. Frølund. 1984. 96pp. Listing of all postal rates from Nov. 11, 1938 to 1984, plus a listing of each stamp issued. Illus.

GRE B 16 G EISINSEL 'T-3". (MAIL via GREENLAND). G.Müller. 1986. 80pp. Study concerning an ice island in the Arctic Ocean. Illus. Gift of the author.

GRE B 17 G VERÖFFETLICHUNGEN. G.Müller. 1983. 36pp. 3 booklets about Greenland. Free franking, offices in Denmark, zip codes and registry labels. Illus. Gift of the author.

GRE B 18 E GREENLAND 78 GF-5 Postage Stamps after 1938. E. Wowern. 1978. 48pp. Illus. Gift of Peter Jensen.

GRE B 19 D GRØNLAND-SET GENNEM 50 ÅRS FRIMÆRKER 1938-1988 (Greenland Seen Through 50 Years's Stamps). Greenland's Postal Service. 1988. 128pp. A great book about Greenland's stamps, postal history and ordinary history. A must for Greenland lovers. Illus.

GRE B 20 E GREENLAND 1982 - GF 5 - POSTAGE STAMPS AFTER 1938. 90pp. Illus. Gift of Frank Mooney.

GRE B 21 G GRÖNLANDS BRIEFSTEMPLER 1938-1988. G. Müller. 1988. 200+pp. A very detailed & interesting book about Greenland postmarks. This book received a gold medal in literature competition in Lohne. Many illustrations of cancels, covers & etiquette labels. Of particular value are the charts depicting the usage of all types of postmarks. A MUST book for a serious student of Greenland postal history. Donated by the author.

GRE B 22 D AMERIKAUDGAVEN 1945-1949. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1987. 100pp. The "true" story about the American Bank Note Co. issue. English summary. Illus.

GRE B 23 D 1 VERDENSKRIG - GRØNLAND, FÆRØERNE, ISLAND. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1987. 110pp. A study of the postal history of Greenland, the Faroes & Iceland during WW I. Illus.

GRE B 24 D EN GRØNLANDS SAMLING 1938-1960. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1987. 200pp. Pages from a very complete Greenland collection. Has period tables of usage from all the Postoffices. Illus.

GRE B 25 D SKIBSFORBINDELSEN TIL GRØNLAND. 1781-1879. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1988. 75pp. Records of ships to & from Greenland. Lists regulations pertaining to ship postal matters.

GRE B 26 D SKIBSFORBINDELSEN TIL GRØNLAND 1880-1908. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1986. 77pp. Tables of ship arrivals & departures. Illus.

GRE B 27 D POST FRA GRØNLAND BIND 1 1939-41. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1988. 136pp. History of mail from Greenland 1939-41. Illus.

GRE B 28 D POST FRA GRØNLAND BIND 2 1942-45. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1988. 153pp. History of mail from Greenland 1942-45. Illus.

GRE B 29 D MESTERS VIG 1950-85 BIND 1. De grønlandske Posthistorikere 1989. 122pp. Part 1 - Postal history of this North-Eastern settlement of Greenland. Illus.

GRE B 30 D MESTERS VIG 1950-85 BIND 2. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1989. 128pp. Part 2 - Postal history of this North-Eastern settlement of Greenland. Illus.

GRE B 31 D MESTERS VIG 1950-85. BIND 3. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1989. 122pp. Part 3 - Postal history of this North-Eastern settlement of Greenland. Illus.

GRE B 32 D KAP CORT ADELAER. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1986(?). 300pp. Postal history of this settlement in Greenland. Features many QSL cards. Illus.

GRE B 33 D THULE. De grønlandske Posthistorikere. 1988. 97pp. Postal history of this Northern settlement of Greenland. Illus.

GRE B 34 E GREENLAND SEEN THROUGH 50 YEARS OF STAMPS 1938-1988. Greenland's Postal Service. 1989. 124pp. A great book, in English about Greenland's stamps, postal history and ordinary history. A must for Greenland lovers. Many illustrations.

GRE B 35 D GRØNLAND - CENSURPOST UNDER ANDEN VERDENSKRIG. K. Hopballe. 1983. 192pp. A very complete study of censored mail to and from Greenland during World War II. Gift of Alan Warren.

GRE B 36 E GREENLAND 1981 - GF 5 - POSTAGE STAMPS AFTER 1938. E. Wowern. 68pp.

GRE B 37 E GREENLAND VOL. 2, CATALOG - POSTAL HISTORY - POSTMARK CATALOGUE 1877-1992. T. Hjørne. 52pp. Donated by the Danske Filatelisters Fællesfond.

GRE B 38 D JENS ROSING SOM FRIMÆRKETEGNEREN. Dan Laursen. 17pp. Pamphlet about Jens Rosing's career as a stamp artist.

GRE B 39 E GREENLAND - STAMP CATALOGUE - SEMI-SPECIALIZED. E, Wowern. 1974. 39pp. Deals with the Pakke Porto issues.

GRE B 40 E GREENLAND POSTMARKS 1938-1970. E. Wowern. 35pp.

GRE B 41 DE GRØNLAND 1996-97 - DAKA GF 5. E. Paaskesen & E. v.Wowern. 192pp. Detailed Handbook (Catalog) of Greenland postal stamps.

GRE B 42 DE GRØNLAND 1997 - POSTSTEMPLER EFTER 1938. GF 6 16th edition. E. Paaskesen & E. v. Wowern. 1997. 128pp. Catalogs cancels after 1938.

GRE B 43 D GRØNLANDSK FILATELI FRIMÆRKALBUM. 1959. K. Lindskog. (History of Greenland stamps plus album pages.)

GRE B 44 G Die Herstellung der Briefmarken von Dänmark 1933 bis 1997 und Grönland 1938 bis 1998. Gerhard Panzner. 1998.Forschungsgemeinshaft Nordische Staaten.

GRE B 45 E GREENLAND - 1991. GF 5. Postage stamps after 1938. Eric Wowern. GF Frimærker.

GRE B 46 E GREENLAND - 1976 GF 1. Pakke Porto 1905-1938. Eric Wowern. GF Frimærker.



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