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FIN B 1 FGE SUOMEN VANHIMMAT PAIKKAKUNTALEIMAT. R. Gummesson, M. Ossa & K.E. Stenberg. 1974. 142pp. Early postmarks of Finland. A great reference. Many illustrations. Gift of Michael Hvidonov.

FIN B 2 FGE SUOMEN POSTILEIMOJEN KASIKIRJA. J. Olamo. The Philatelic Federation of Finland, 1977. 144pp. Complete listing of the two-ringed postmarks of Finland 1873-1893. (Finland's standard type postmark No.6) Illus. Gift of Michael Hvidonov.

FIN B 3 E THE SERPENTINE ROULETTED STAMPS OF FINLAND - ISSUES OF 1860 AND 1866. L. Linder & D. Dromberg. 1983. 106pp. Translated from THE HANDBOOK OF FINNISH STAMPS by K. Aro. Illus. Donated by SPF.

FIN B 4 E THE SERPENTINE ROULETTED STAMPS OF FINLAND - ISSUES OF 1860 AND 1866. Volume 2. M. Ossa. 1985. 113pp. Translated by K. Aro. Cancellations and roulette varieties. Includes tables of cancellations and reverse alphabetical town list. Illus. Donated by SPF.

FIN B 5 FE HANDBOOK OF FINNISH STAMPS, Issues of 1917 and 1918. V. Osa. 1986. 204pp. A study of the stamps of Saarinen and Vaasa designs. Illus.

FIN B 6 F LEIMA-HERALDIIKKAA. T. Piironen. 1977. 156pp. A listing of the commemorative cancels of Finland according to years of usage. Cancels drawn in great detail. Gift of Alan Warren.

FIN B 7 FEG THE FIGURE CANCELLATIONS OF FINLAND. A. Laitinen. 1981. 247pp. All the various so-called cork cancels are depicted, priced and rated according to rarity. Illus.

FIN B 8 S HELSINGFORS STADSPOST. A. Emmerfors. 1986. 132pp. History of the local postal service in Helsingfors. Outlines the various stamps and stationery along with all known varieties. English summaries. Illus. Donated by the publisher.

FIN B 9 F MALLI 1875. H. Oesch. 1977. 110pp. A handbook of the coat of arms stamps with the 1875 design. Many illus. Gift of K. Aro.

FIN B 10 S KATALOG over RICH GRANBERGS SAMLING af FINLANDS HELSAGER. R. Granberg, 1934. 100pp. Listing of this collection of Finnish postal stationery. Illus. Gift of K. Aro.

FIN B 11 FS JOHTAJA RICH GRANBERGIN KOKOELMA SUOMEN EHIÖITA. R. Granberg. 1934. 100pp. As above but in Finnish. Gift of K. Aro.

FIN B 12 FS POSTINUMERO-LUETTELO/POSTNUMMER-KATALOG. 1986. 256pp. List of Finnish postal zones.

FIN B 13 E SP PIKKU-SMALL. J. Parmi and E. Lundmark. 1951. 56pp. A listing of Finnish stamps. Illus. Gift of A. Anderson.

FIN B 14 E POSTAL ISSUES OF FINLAND. C. Pelander. 1940. 64pp. Information about Finland and its stamps written by one of the founders of the SCC. Interesting! Gift of A. Anderson.

FIN B 15 E THE FINNISH NATIONAL ANTI-TUBERCULOSIS ASSOCIATION 1907-1957. S. Savonen. 52pp. Detailed history of this organization.


FIN B 17 F POSTIKORTII SUOMESSA. E. Johanson & T. Termonen. 1981. 144pp. Listing of Finnish postcards with many illus. Gift of Frank Schubert.

FIN B 18 E HIGGINS & GAGE WORLD POSTAL STATIONERY CATALOG. 1967. 20pp. Photocopies of the Finnish section. Illus.

FIN B 19 E PIKKU. SMALL SP. J. Parmi & H. Walli. 1947. 29pp. Photocopy of Finland stamp catalog. Illus.

FIN B 20 S FINLANDS OVALMÄRKEN. L. Linder. 1956. 160pp. Very detailed study of Finland's first stamps: the ovals. Listings of town cancels & ink markings. Many illustrations.

FIN B 21 FE FORGERIES OF FINNISH POSTAGE STAMPS. M. Ossa. 1977. Translated by the M. Hvidonovs. 107pp. A complete and detailed treatise. A great book with many illustrations.

FIN B 22 G SP LUETTELO-KÄSIKIRJA 1953. E. Lundmark & J. Parmi. 170pp. Listing of stamps $ cancels to 1953. Illus. Gift of Ed Street.

FIN B 23 G FINNLAND:I.BRIEFMARKEN. Helsingfors Frimärkssamlare Forening. 1934. 100pp. Handbook of Finnish issues. Gift of Ed Street.

FIN B 24 D FINLANDS GENNEMSTUKNE FRIMÆRKER 1860-1866. B. Nielsen. 1988. 80pp. A very thorough study of the large-toothed or serpentine rouletted issues of Finland. A MUST book for a serious collector of these stamps. Illus. Gift of the author.

FIN B 25 F LUETTELOKASIKIRJA. R. Ahonius, E.A. Hellman, J. Kemppainen & J.R. Parmi. 1957. 192pp. Specialty catalog of Finnish stamps. Illus. Gift of William Littlewood.

FIN B 26 FSE MINULLA ON NIIN IKÄVÄ - I FEEL SUCH A LONGING. O. Bogdanoff. 1988. 128pp. 500 numbered editions. Richly illustrated book about emigrant Finnish postcards. A specialist's collection of historical events. See 5/89 issue of PH for review. Gift of Frank Schubert.

FIN B 27 F SUOMEN POSTITOIMIPAIKAT 1638-1985 POSTOFFICES IN FINLAND. K. Vaarnas & K. Hirvikoski. 1988. 298pp. Origin & development of postmarks and other postal markings. 6 pg of English summary. Lists postoffices & types of cancels. Great book. Gift of Roger Quinby.

FIN B 28 FSG SUOMEN POSTIMAKSUJA - 1881-1985. E. Mattila. 1985. 162pp. Postal rates of Finland. See review in 5/89 PH. Pg.80.

FIN B 29 F LEVYVIRHELUETTELOLEIJONA m30. M. Fellman. 1983. 93pp. Great book about varieties of the lion type definitive series of Finland. Illustrates all the defects. Gift of Roger Quinby.

FIN B 30 E FINLAND LIST OF NAMES. US Dept of Geology. 1962. 556pp. List of 39,800 place names & their exact location in Finland. Gift of Helen Sommer.

FIN B 31 F SUOMEN POSTIN HISTORIA VOL 1. J. Pietiäinen. 1988. 573pp. The book of Finnish postal history. Illus. Gift of Roger Quinby.

FIN B 32 F SUOMEN POSTIN HISTORIA VOL 2. J. Pietiäinen. 1988. 616pp. Companion book to the above volume. Gift of Roger Quinby.

FIN B 33 S DEN FINSKA POSTENS HISTORIA 1638-1988. J. Pietiäinen. 1988. 74pp. A brief summary of the above volumes, in Swedish. Illus. Gift of Roger Quinby.

FIN B 34 E+ UNITED NATIONS EMERGENCY FORCES. SUOMI. FINLAND. 1956-1989. V. Johansson. 1989. 296pp. A philatelistic review of Finland's contribution to the United Nations. A great publication of postal history with over 320 pictures of covers from this period. Gift of the author.

FIN B 35 FS SUOMEN SENSUURILEIMAT-FINLANDS CENSURSTÄMPLAR. E. Johanson, V. Johansson & B-E. Saarinen. 1963. 32 pp. Finnish censor markings. 1914-1917 & 1939-1945. Gift of V. Johansson.

FIN B 36 E POST OFFICES IN FINLAND 1638-1985. 110pp. English translation by Anneli Hvidonov of the introductory section of the original book (Philatelic Federation of Finland). This translation is published by the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation. It is a companion piece to

FIN B 27 F. Gift of the Foundation.

FIN B 37 FE FINNISH CARRIER CANCELS. Post & Telegraph Museum. 150pp. A listing of rural mail routes in Finland. Gives the number, route name, start-up & discontinued dates. Three page English explanation by Carita Parker. This photocopied donation obtained through the efforts of Roger Quinby.

FIN B 38 G DIE VERWENDUNG RUSSISCHER POSTWERTZEICHEN IN FINNLAND - 1890-1918. Dirk Vorwerck. 1990. 48pp. Illus. Russian stamps used in Finland during the period 1890-1918. Donated by the Forschungsgemeinschaft Nordische Staaten E.V. Arbeitsgruppe Finnland. May be purchased from this organization for DM 9,50.

FIN B 39 FGE CANCELLATIONS OF THE FINNISH POSTAL STOPPINGPLACES. PART 1 LAPLAND. K. Hirvikoski. 106pp. Listing of straight line "village cancels" of Lapland. Gift of the Swedish Postmuseum.

FIN B 40 FGE CANCELLATIONS OF THE FINNISH POSTAL STOPPINGPLACES. PART 2 ST MICHELS LÄN & PART 3 KUOPIO LÄN. K. Hirvikoski. 175pp. Listing of the straight line "village cancels" of the provinces of Mikkeli & Kuopio. Gift of the Swedish Postmuseum.

FIN B 41 FE THE RING STAMP AND POSTAL STATIONERY CENTENNIAL MAY 1, 1991. Seppo Arvelin. 1991. 100pp. Many illustrations of covers. An historical presentation of the Ring stamps and postal stationery along with " Finland as an autonomous Grand Duchy 1809-1917 - the intellectual and economic development". Published as a joint venture with the Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation. Donated by the SPF.

FIN B 42 FE SUOMEN POSTILÄHETYSTEN 1889-1960. M. Holmsten. 1991. 96pp. A pricelist of Finnish letters and cards. The book also deals with Russian stamps used in Finland before 1918. The postal items are evaluated according to the different frankings and obliterations. Many llustrations of covers. The book is a "must" for every collector of Finnish postal history. Donated by the author.

FIN B 43 FS NEW ISSUE NOTICES. Finnish Philatelic Services. 1973-1990. Accumulation of stamp announcements. Gift of William Beatty.


FIN B 45 E THE EARLIEST FINNISH POSTMARK STAMPS. K. Stenberg. 1962. 20pp. Handbook of early cancels of Finland. Gift of S. Turunen.

FIN B 46 FS SUOMI POSTIMERKKILUETTELO. L. Peltonen. 1975. 266pp. Catalog and pricelist of Finnish stamps. Describes all issues.

FIN B 47 FSE SUOMEN POSTILEIMOJEN KÄSIKIRJA. S. Arvelin & J. Olamo. 109pp. Listing of Finnish postmarks. Illustrated with periods of usage. With Finnish, Swedish and English summaries. Gift of the Suomen Filatelistiliitto.

FIN B 48 F FORWARDING AGENTS. D. Dromberg. 108pp. Manuscript markings and handstamps on letters from foreign countries to Finland. An English summary is included. Gift of Christian Sundman.

FIN B 49 F KENTTÄPOSTI 1941-1945. P. Kopsa. 1991. 300pp. This publication illustrates the system of the fieldpost in Finland during the period of 1941-1945. The material is based on war and postal history. It includes the location of the army post offices.

FIN B 50 FE SUOMEN POSTIMERKKIEN KÄASIKIRJA III - HANDBOOK OF FINNISH STAMPS 1993 III. H. Oesch, H. Reinikainen & J. Olamo. Translated by A. & M. Hvidonov.

FIN B 51 G DIE POSTZENSUR IN FINNLAND. H. Moxter. 1975. 100pp. Finnish postal censorship.

FIN B 52 S HELSINGFORS FRIMÄRKSSAMLARE FÖRENING r.f. 1893-1943. 250pp. Membership list. "Kohls Briefmarkenhandbuch - Finnland." E. Wahlström.

FIN B 53 S HELSINGFORS FRIMÄRKSSAMLARE FÖRENING r.f. 1893-1963. 24pp."Det svart-gula feltrycket." L. Linder.

FIN B 54 S HELSINGFORS FRIMÄRKSSAMLARE FÖRENING rf. 1893-1968. 80pp. Mmbership list. "Om tryckingen av tvåfärgade frimärken under senare häften av 1800-talet." D. Dromberg.

FIN B 55 E THE PRIVATE SHIP LETTER STAMPS OF THE WORLD. PART 4. THE LETTER AND PARCEL STAMPS OF THE FINNISH SHIPPING COMPANIES. G.W. Connell. 174pp. A fantastic publication of a fascinating collecting area. Many illustrations of stamps, covers and ships. Gift of Leonard Hartmann.

FIN B 56 FE THE RAILWAY PARCEL STAMPS OF FINLAND. K. Hellmann. 1993. 114pp. Tremendous publication of this specialty. Donated by the author and the publisher.

FIN B 57 Fr THE POSTAGE STAMPS and CANCELLATIONS of FINLAND 1856-1895. P. Grosfils-Berger. 319pp. A reprint of a book originally published in 1947. Number 122 of 240. In French. Chicago Chapter 4 furnished the funds for this purchase.

FIN B 58 FSEG STAMP YEAR. Juha Pärssinen. 1993. 92pp. Book containing all the issues of 1993 with a discussion of each stamp.

FIN B 59 F LAPIN - LÄÄNIN - POSTIHISORIAA. E.J. Heliö. 96pp. Postal history of Finnish Lapland.

FIN B 60 E IMPERIAL RUSSIA ZEMSTVO POST. Oleg A. Faberge. 431pp. A beautifully produced book, full color of this great collection that was exhibited at FINLANDIA 88. Gift of Leonard Hartmann.

FIN B 61 E OF FINNISH WAYS. Aini Rajanen. 1981. 224pp. A great book about the history of Finland, their people and culture. Gift of Carl Probst.

FIN B 62 FE ERIKOIS- JA ENSIPÄIVÄN LEIMALUETTELO. (Catalogue of the special and first day cancellations of Suomi). K. Vaarnas. 1947. 16pp. Donated by Jens Nyboe.

FIN B 63 S POSTEN I VÄSTNYLAND IN TALL 1918 - Några Anteckningar om Västnyländsk Posthistoria Före 1918 - B-E Sahlstedt. Some notations on Western Nyland's (county in Southern Finland) postal history before 1918. 1979. 115pp. Some notations on Western Nyland's (county in Southern Finland) postal history before 1918. Donated by Mike Hvidonov.

FIN B 64 SFE FORWARDING AGENTS - Manuscript markings & Handstamps on Letters from foreign countries to Finland. D.A. Dromberg. 1985. 108pp. A precise writing on Forwarding procedures listing many (if not all) Forwarding Agents from years gone by. The author was a brilliant engineer and philatelist who delved deeply into Postal History. His intellectual and very thorough writing may help others to better comprehend this fascinating subject. One can be assured that the interest and the facts are unflawed exactly as written by the talented author. Donated by Mike Hvidonov.

FIN B 65 S KIERTOKIRJEITÄ - 1813-1820 POSTENS CIRCULÄR 1986. 80pp. The circulars were usually of good size and I assume tacked to posts or hung in the Postoffices for people to read and digest. Donated by Mike Hvidonov.

FIN B 66 F ALAVUDEN POSTIOLOJEN KETHITYSVAIHITA - Leimoja ja lähetyksiä. O. Leistevuo. 1987. 120pp. This treatise is a reflection of a probable inhabitant of a town that existed many decades back inasmuch as none of my town name references include the name. Efforts such as this insure that the Town will never be forgotten and thus should remain in the memories of interested parties for all time. Donated by Mike Hvidonov.

FIN B 67 S POSTIN KIEROTOKIRJEITTÄ 1820-1828. 1987. 106pp. The circulars were usually of good size and I assume tacked to posts or hung in the Postoffices for people to read and digest. Donated by Mike Hvidonov.

FIN B 68 FE VIRON POSTIMAKSUJA - 1918-1940 - POSTAL RATES OF ESTONIA. E. Mattila. 1987. 112pp. This 'POSTAGE' volume was prepared by Mr. Mattila to enable the collectors of this Nation to determine proper postage rates and there is no one who could do it better. Esa has produced a very good book for Finnish Postal Rates for the years 1881-1985 which seems to be 'The Bible' at this time. Good Work! Donated by Mike Hvidonov.

FIN B 69 E FINLAND: THE COLOR AND PRINTING IDENTIFICATION OF THE 1875 ISSUES - A NEW APPROACH - VOLUME I - 108 pp. - VOLUME II - TABLES - 450 pp. Herbert Oesch. 1994. Translated by K. Aro.

FIN B 70 FSE JOULUMERKIT 1908-1993. Christmas Seals - The Finnish Anti-Tuberculus Association. 216pp.

FIN B 71 S POST OCH TELEMUSEET EN VÄGLEDNING. Asko Kukkonen. 1973. 57pp. A guide to the Finnish Postal Museum.

FIN B 72 E POST MUSEUM BOOK , POSTMUSEUM BROCHURE & POST MUSEUM LIBRARY GUIDE. 1995. These three publications give a concise picture of the contents and nature of the Finnish Postal Museum and Library in Helsinki. Donated by the Museum.

FIN B 73 E THE RAILWAY PARCEL STAMPS OF FINLAND. K. Hellman & B-E Saarinen. 1993. 112pp. Gift of Anneli Hvidonov.

FIN B 74 E HISTORY OF THE FINNISH POSTS 1638-1988. J-P Pietiäinen. Gift of Anneli Hvidonov.

FIN B 75 E KOHL'S FINLAND. M. von Hertzen & H. Lindberg. 38pp. Gift of Anneli Hvidonov.

FIN B 76 E THE EARLIEST FINNISH POSTMARK STAMPS. K-E. Stenberg. 1962. 19pp. Gift of Anneli Hvidonov.

FIN B 77 E THE REVENUE STAMPS OF FINLAND. H. Olander. 1969. 39pp. Price catalog of these issues. Gift of Anneli Hvidonov.

FIN B 78 FE CATALOGUE OF FINNISH CHRISTMAS AND CHARITY STAMPS. E. Hellman. 1947. 32pp. Gift of Anneli Hvidonov.

FIN B 79 Fr FINLANDI. P. Grosfils-Berger. 1947. 325pp. A very complete handbook of early Finnish philately. Gift of Anneli Hvidonov.

FIN B 80 E RUSSIA IN FINLAND. R. Quinby & D.Vorwerck. 1997. 56pp. "The story behind the use of Russian currency stamps in Finland." Special edition of the POSTHORN.

FIN B 81 E TRILOGY CHRONICLES BETRAYAL OF FINNS. Mayme Sevander. They Took My Father: A Story of Idealism and Betrayal. 190pp., Red Exodus. 232pp. and Of Soviet Bondage. 157pp.


FIN B 83 E POST OFFICES IN FINLAND 1683 - 1985. English translation by Anneti Hvidonov. Scandinavian Foundation, publisher. 1989

FIN B 84 F,E,G SUOMEN, Vanhimmat paikkakuntaleimat. The early postmarks of Finland. Gummeson, Rolf; Ossa, Mikko; & Stenberg, Karl-Erik. 1974.

FIN B 85 F SUOMEN TELALEIMAT. (Finnish Postmarks). Paavo Heino. 1986

FIN B 86 F,E SUOMEN. Postimerkkien Väärenteitä. Forgeries of Finnish Postage Stamps.

FIN B 87 F,E FINNISH GRAMMAR. 3RD Edition. Clemens niemi A.M. 1944



FIN B 90 E An Introduction to the System of Finnish Railway Cancellations.1862 - 1917.Norman C. Franklin. Wuppertal, Germany 1993.

FIN B 91 E,F FINLAND REFERENCE MANUAL OF FORGERIES. Vols. I & II. Juhani V. Olamo. Helsingfors Frimärkssamlare. Förening (HFF). Jay Smith.publ.


FIN B 93 E THE REVENUE STAMPS OF FINLAND. A Priced Catalog. Dr. Harald Olander. Wm. Ittel, Editor.

FIN B 100 E "SUOMEN POSTILÄHETYSTEN HINNASTO 1889 -1960". Pricelist of Finnish letters and cards. Kartin Holmsten. Oy Ruruk Ltd. 1991.

FIN B 101 FEG SUOMEN VANHIMMAT PAIKKAKUNTALEIMAT. DIE FRÜHEN ORTSTEMPEL FINNLAND. THE EARLY POSTMARKS OF FINLAND."Mikko Ossa, Rolf Gummessen, Karl-Erik Stenberg. Postimerkniike. Lauri Peltonen-Hanko. Turku. 1974.



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