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FAR B 1 E THE POSTMARKS AND PROVISIONAL STAMPS OF THE FAROE ISLANDS. R King-Farlow. Philatelic Journal of Great Britain (Reprint), 1946. 26pp. Illus.

FAR B 2 EGF FAROE ISLANDS POSTAGE STAMPS AND FIRST DAY COVERS. Undated. 8pp. Official information from the Postal authority.

FAR B 3 E 1976 FØROYAR-FAROES FREIGHT STAMPS, SPECIALIZED. Catalog #14. E. Wowern. 1976. 24pp. Lists all issues, priced in DKr. Illus.

FAR B 4 E 1976 FØROYAR-THE FAROES METER MARKS and CHARITY LABELS. Catalog #12. E. Wowern. 1976. 56pp. Lists all machine cancels, Christmas Seals and Charity Labels. Priced in DKr. Illus.

FAR B 5 D VEJLEDNING FOR POSTFØRERNE. Hafnia '76. 12pp. Reprint of Faroe Postal Orders (1892).

FAR B 6 E FAROE ISLANDS 1988. GF 10. POSTAGE STAMPS & POSTMARKS. E. Wowern. 160pp. Donated by Author.

FAR B 7 E FAROE ISLANDS 1988. GF 14. FREIGHT STAMPS. E. Wowern. 38pp. Donated by Author.

FAR B 8 D FÆRØERNE, 1919. K. Hopballe & S. Riis. 1986. 128pp. Documentary history of that period. Excellent illus. 128pp. Donated by Lizabeth Stamp Co.

FAR B 9 E THE FAROES. Informational pamphlet. Postverk Føroya. 1987. 16pp.

FAR B 10 D FÆRØSKE POSTSTEMPLER EFTER 30 JANUARY 1975. K. Hopballe. 1985. 64pp. Lists & catalogs cancels after that date by towns. Priced in DKr. Illus.

FAR B 11 DE FÆRØSKE FRIMÆRKER. K. Hopballe & K. Nielsen. 1985. 145pp. Catalogs the Faroe issues, plate numbers, booklets, charities, FDCs. Priced in DKr. Illus.

FAR B 12 E NORDATLANTI FILATELI (ENGLISH EDITION) No 1/1987. 39pp. Interesting booklet about Faroe philately and.... Special article "Local Postage in Iceland 1873-1970." Illus.

FAR B 13 E THE FARÖE ISLANDS. E. Wowern. 1972. 30pp. English translation of one of the earliest studies of Faroe postal history. Illus.

FAR B 14 E FAROE ISLANDS-METER MARKS. E. Wowern. 1973. 40pp. Illus.

FAR B 15 E FAROE ISLANDS-CHARITY STAMPS. E. Wowern. 1973. 10pp. Illus.

FAR B 16 EG POSTVERK FØROYA. 1989. Collection of Faroese stamps issued in 1989 along with their story. 14pp. Illus. Gift of the Faroese Postal Service.

FAR B 17 E FØROYAR 78 METER MARKS. E. Wowern. 1978. 42pp. Illus. Catalog of meter postmarks from the Faroes. Gift of Norman Kopp.

FAR B 18 E THE FAROE ISLANDS PART III. E. Wowern. 1970. 46pp. Illus. History of stamps & postmarks. Gift of Norman Kopp.

FAR B 19 E FAROE ISLANDS 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986. E. Wowern. 5 books listing the postage stamps & postmarks of these islands. Each about 125pp. Illus. Gift of Norman Kopp.

FAR B 20 DE POSTFORBINDELSEN FÆRØERNE-DANMARK I ÅRENE 1940-45. E. Wowern. 1982. 28pp. Illus. Mail connections between the Faroes and Denmark during the war years, 1940-45. Featuring Red Cross letters. Gift of Norman Kopp.

FAR B 21 D FÆRØERNES - POSTALE FORHOLD UNDER ANDEN VERDENSKRIG. K. Hopballe. 1986. 224pp. Illus. Postal history of the Faroes during World War II. Gift of Norman Kopp.

FAR B 22 D LØST OG FAST AF FÆRØERNES POSTHISTORIE. I. Nielsen. 1986. Illus. Postal history of the Faroes. Gift of Norman Kopp.

FAR B 23 E FAROE ISLANDS 1979. GF 10. POSTAGE STAMPS & POSTMARKS. E. Wowern. 82pp. Donated by Wilbur Jonsson .

FAR B 24 E REPRODUCTION OF THE FAROES 2 ØRE OVERPRINT SHEET. This has the #21 stamp with the inverted overprint. The original sheet is owned by Peer Lorentzen. Donated by Robert Fashingbauer.


FAR B 26 DE FØROYAR 1995-96 - DAKA GF-10. E. Paaskesen & E. Wowern. 176pp. prices all stamps, cancellations and markings.

FAR B 27 E STAMPS and Story of the FAROE ISLANDS. D. Brandt. 1996. 176pp. Interesting publication about these islands. The Faroese Postal Administration is offering this book by using stamps to enhance the story. They state: "A new book, with illustrations of stamps, covers and other philatelic material on almost every page, has been written by Don Brandt, a well-known author and stamp collector living in Iceland. Whether you are a serious collector of Faroese stamps or just interested in learning more about a tiny nation in the North Atlantic, this book is an absolute must."

FAR B 28 E "FAROE ISLANDS POSTAL RATES 1875 - 1995". Brian Flack. Faroe Islands Study Group.

FAR B 29 D "DET FÆRØSKE 2 KR. AUTOMATHEFTE. V. Guttesen. 1998.



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