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FAR A 1 G "Postgebühren ab 1 Oktober, 1979." POSTVERK FOROYA. 1p. Postal rates as of October 1, 1979.

FAR A 2 G "Die Pr. Stempel der Färöer, Katalog 1981." D. Mickel. 4pp. Catalogs and prices in DM. Faroe cancels. GSG.

FAR A 3 E "The Occupation of the Faroes by British Troops." S. Worsley. SC. 1982. 1p.

FAR A 4 D "Færøske Pakkeetiketter." E. Wowern. DFT. 1982. 1p. Etiquette Labels. Illus.

FAR A 5 E "Forged Faroe Cancellations: A Warning." Luren. 1975. 2pp.

FAR A 6 ED "Føroyar" GF FRIMÆRKER. 3 excellent maps, (a) Antique, about 1500 AD. (b) Modern, gives location of Capitol, towns, major-subsidiary-discontinued postoffices, airport. (c) Air and Ship routes, Iceland, Faroes, and Europe. 3 pp.

FAR A 7 G "Føroyer." 1982. 26pp. File of articles on the Faroes issues.

FAR A 8 E "Duty Free Concession Labels." S. Worsley. SC. 1982. 2pp. Usage during WW II. Illus.

FAR A 9 D "Færøernes Provisoriske Frimærker 1919." A. Tholl. FS. 1951. 10pp. Postal history on the provisional issues. Tables and documentation. Illus.

FAR A 10 E "Faroes, the twenty-two island nation. Ancient stepping stones rediscovered." P. Karlsson. 4pp. Article on the culture of these friendly people. Much about the geography of the many islands. Illus.

FAR A 11 E "Faroese Perfins." J. Baker. PERFINS BUL. 1976. 1p.

FAR A 12 E "Hand Stamped Franks of the Faroes." S. Worsley. SC. 1984. 2pp. Illus.

FAR A 13 D "Færoske Poststempler." R. King-Farlow. NFT. 1957. 6pp. Lists the Faroe and Paquebot Cancels. Illus.

FAR A 14 E "Mysterious Treasure Islands in the North Atlantic." H. Bernstein. LINN'S. 1972. 1p. On the Faroe Islands.

FAR A 15 G "Zip Codes for the FAROES POST OFFICES." 1983. 1p. & map.

FAR A 16 E "Faroes-Not Pharaohs." T. Lloyd. THE STAMP LOVER. 1979. 2pp. Information on this group of islands, their people and stamps.

FAR A 17 D "File of 90 pages." On the Faroes. FS & NFT. 1945-1958. 90pp. Excellent research material. Illus.

FAR A 18 D "Litteraturliste." Unknown source and date. 3pp. A bibliography of Faroe Islands, listing articles in the various philatelic periodicals.

FAR A 19 G "Luftbrucken Zu Den Färöer-Inseln." B. Patock. GSG. 1984. 5pp. Airmail service from 1940 to date. Illus.

FAR A 20 G "FILE: Faroer." 1978. 24pp. Faroe registry labels, private postage meters, Postal history during WW II.

FAR A 21 E "The Faroe Islands." G. Goldhagen. STAMPS. 1980. 3pp. Faroes government, economy and history. Illus.

FAR A 22 E "Faroe Islands Mail During WW I." PHT. 1976. 1p. Information on the 2 ships that carried mail which were sunk during WW I.

FAR A 23 G "Cancels, Star and other, of the Faroes." D. Mickel. GSG. 1980. 3pp. Lists value in DM.

FAR A 24 E "The Faroes Islands." B. Alexander. AP. 7/87. 4pp. Also, letter to Editor regarding this article & the controversy.

FAR A 25 D "Färöarna." NF. 1984. 4pp. Postal tables of recent issues.

FAR A 26 E "The 1940 Provisionals." SC. undated. 11pp.

FAR A 27 D "Falsikattjenesten." FS. undated. 8pp. Bisects that were canceled with the fake Thorshavn, Vestmanhavn and Trangisvaag 1919 hand cancels. Illus.

FAR A 28 Du "De Færøer Voor De Eigen Zegelemissies, Dee 1." G.J. Jordans. HET NORD. 1983. 4pp. The 1919 Provisionals. Illus.

FAR A 29 E "Faroe Islands Ship Mail Markings." E. Menne-Larsen. SEAPOSTER. 1976. 2pp. Illus.

FAR A 30 E "The Faroes Franko-Betalt Hand Stamp of 1941." G.A. Hughmark. 1984. 8pp. Original monograph.

FAR A 31 DE "Færø før Filateli." E. Wowern. 1983. Translation by G. Hughmark. Date unknown. 4pp. Prephilatelic mail in the Faroe Islands. Illus.

FAR A 32 S "Färöarna." I. Hansson. NFT. 1984. 14pp. Lists all postal rates from January 30, 1975 to October 29, 1984.

FAR A 33 E "Viking Life in the Storm-cursed Faeroes." NAT.GEO.MAG. 11/30. 42pp. Outlines the history and life in that remote area. The only article ever to be published by that society about the Faroes. Illus. Gift of Jeff Crown.

FAR A 34 E "Postnummer in the Faroes." Faroes Postal Agency. 8pp. A map of the islands is also included.

FAR A 35 D "Opperettelsen av de Første Postekspedisjoner og Ruter." I. Nielsen. NFT. 8/83. 5pp. Early days postal history in the Faroes. Illus.

FAR A 36 G "Postverbindungen Zwischen Dänemark und den Färöern." G.L. VanWelie. GSG. 1984. 6pp. Postal history on WW II postal usage and censors. Illus.

FAR A 37 E "The First Stamp Of The Faroe Islands." D. Thompson. STAMP WORLD. 10/87. 1p.

FAR A 38 E "Faroe File." Articles about the stamps of the Faroes from THE POSTHORN from the past 40 years. 31pp.

FAR A 39 E "The Faeroes, Ilses of Maybe." E.Bradford. Nat.Geo.Mag. 9/70. 32pp. This is the 2nd Faroes article presented in this magazine. See FAR A 33 E. Gift of Russell Anderson.

FAR A 40 E "British Military Mail 1940-46: Faroe Islands and Iceland." D.Cornelius. FORCES POSTAL HISTORY SOC. NEWSLETTER. 9-10/78. 5pp.

FAR A 41 E "Lisbon post office box mail evaded German censors." H. Herst. S COL. 10/88. 1p.

FAR A 42 E "Faroes inexpensive to collect, four to five new issues annually." C. Brunström. S Col. 4/89. 1p. Illus.

FAR A 43 E "Faroe Islands stamps a philatelic delight." R. Anderson. S COL. 1/91. 1p. Illus.

FAR A 44 E "Faroese Special Cancellations." K. Nielsen & K. Hopballe. NAP. 1/91. 2pp.

FAR A 45 E "The History of the Faroese Provisionals 1940-41." K. Hopballe. NAP. 1/91. 6pp.

FAR A 46 E "FAROE ISLANDS." G. Sør-Reime. Mekeel's. 9/92. 1p.

FAR A 47 E "North Atlantic whales frolic across Faroes stamps." Editorial. S COL. 6/90. 1p.

FAR A 48 E "Faroe Islands." Susan Oliver. 4pp. Postal history discussion.

FAR A 49 E "The Postal History of the Faeroe Islands." Susan Worsley. POSTAL HISTORY INTERNATIONAL. 8/76. 4pp.

FAR A 50 E "Faroe Islands." G. Anderson. WEEKLY PHILATELIC GOSSIP. 1946. 1p. Article about wartime overprints.

FAR A 51 E "Faroe Islands." Susan Oliver. STAMP MAGAZINE. 5/93. 3pp.

FAR A 52 E "Faroese History." Author unknown. GLOBAL STAMP NEWS. 9/96. 1p.

FAR A 53 E THE POSTMARKS AND PROVISIONAL STAMPS OF THE FAROE ISLANDS. R King-Farlow. Philatelic Journal of Great Britain (Reprint), 1946. 26pp. Illus.

FAR A 54 EGF FAROE ISLANDS POSTAGE STAMPS AND FIRST DAY COVERS. Undated. 8pp. Official information from the Postal authority.

FAR A 55 E "THE FAROES." Informational pamphlet. Postverk Føroya. 1987. 16 pp.

FAR A 56 E "Faroe Islands Charity Stamps." Eric Wowern 1973. 10pp.



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