A&V 1 E SWEDISH POSTAL DOCUMENTATION. Postmuseum, Stockholm. 1974. Eighty-one 35mm color slides, 30-minute tape cassette and written script for the program. Prepared by the Swedish Post Office for the SCC. Documents Swedish Postal History.
A&V 2 E NORWAY, 19TH CENTURY STAMPS, COVERS, CARDS, AND CANCELS. R. Frigstad. Thirty-six 35mm close-up slides. 30-minute tape cassette.
A&V 3 E DENMARK: A PRESENTATION ON THE WAVY-LINES TYPOGRAPHED ISSUES. W.J. Banks. Forty two 35mm slides & narration.
A&V 4 E FAROE ISLANDS: A PRESENTATION ON THE BISECTED, SURCHARGED AND FRANCO-BETALT HANDSTAMPS OF THE FAROES. W.J. Banks. Forty-five 35mm slides, 60-minute tape cassette, 38-page narration script. Thorough coverage of the subject.
A&V 5 E ICELAND: WHAT YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT ICELAND BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK. 60-minute interview with S.H. Thorsteinsson, taped in Chicago in July, 1977. Two cassettes, 60-minutes. General overview of Iceland Philately and price trends.
A&V 6 E SCANDINAVIAN PHILATELY. A round-table question-and-answer session with four dealers at the SCC Chapter 4 meeting in Chicago, Oct. 27, 1977. 1 cassette, 60 minutes.
A&V 7 E NORWAY. One hundred sixty-five 35mm slides from HAFNIA '76 Grand Prix Int'l collection of E. Lundstrom. 61 slides show Norway #1's, balance show #2 to #21 in depth. Divided into three programs. Taped commentary.
A&V 8 E PROGRAM #2 of A&V-7.
A&V 9 E PROGRAM #3 of A&V-7.
A&V 10 E THE SCIENCE AND ART OF MEASUREMENTS ON STAMPS. Lecture by C.H. Werenskiold. Nineteen 35mm slide on the subject. Written script and 30-minute cassette accompany.
A&V 11 E ICELAND'S DISTRICT PO'S AND SELECTED COLLECTING STATIONS. Fifty 35mm slides from 1973-1977. Views of District Post Office sites from which the Cancellers were distributed. Slides and script by W.C. Sommer.
A&V 12 E DANISH 1ST DAY COVERS 1935-1950. Forty-two 35mm color slides, 6 page narrative. From the A. Warren Collection.
A&V 13 E EARLY DANISH WEST INDIES PHILATELY AND THE BRITISH POST OFFICE IN ST. THOMAS. V. Engstrom. Twenty-six 35mm color slides. 7-page narrative, plus 18-minute tape cassette.
A&V 14 E FORWARDING AGENTS, FOREIGN POST OFFICES IN ST. THOMAS, CLASSIC STAMPS AND COMBINATION COVERS. V. Engstrom. Thirty-three 35mm color slides. 9-page narrative, plus 20-minute cassette.
A&V 15 E THE DEFINITIVE STAMPS OF THE DWI, 1874-1917. V. Engstrom. Twenty-eight 35mm color slides. 8-page narrative, plus 21-minute cassette.
A&V 16 E PAKKE-PORTO (PARCEL POST) ISSUES OF GREENLAND. "THE BEARS". Thirty-five 35mm slides. An excellent show of the many varieties of this issue. 4-page narrative.
A&V 17 E SCANDINAVIAN AIRMAILS. Excellent program of thirty-three 35mm slides of stamps and covers. Program deals with all issues of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. 6-page narration, 30-minute tape cassette.
A&V 18 E PRE-STOCKHOLMIA '86 video tape.
A&V 19 E EARLY NORWEGIAN STEAMSHIP MAIL SERVICES. This slide presentation will show you some of the Norwegian steamship
cancellations from the gold medal award winning collection of F. C. Moldenhauer. 24 slides with 5 page commentary.
A&V 20 E CHICAGO: PASSPORT TO THE WORLD. One hour talk show about POLISH PHILATELY with Dr.J. Mazepa. Video cassette tape in VHS format only.
A&V 21 E CHICAGO: PASSPORT TO THE WORLD. One hour talk show about GERMAN PHILATELY with B. Hennig & A. Dulin. Video cassette tape in VHS format only.
A&V 22 E CHICAGO: PASSPORT TO THE WORLD. One hour talk show about STAMP COLLECTING with L. Winick & B. Weisz. Video cassette tape in VHS format only.
A&V 23 E WHAT TO COLLECT IN SCANDINAVIA, WHEN YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF THINGS TO COLLECT. AMERIPEX '86 35mm slide program. Comprehensive showing of what you can collect in Scandinavia besides just mint and used. Chicago Chapter #4 program.
A&V 24 E CHICAGO: PASSPORT TO THE WORLD. One hour talk about the COLLECTORS CLUB OF CHICAGO with R. Drews and L. Winick. Video cassette tape in VHS format only.
A&V 25 E THE VIDEO GUIDE TO STAMP COLLECTING. G. Burghoff. One hour program about our hobby. In VHS format.
A&V 26 E PHILATELIC ODDITIES OF DENMARK. Dr W. E. Melberg's one frame exhibit. 35mm slide program (25) with written commentary. Produced and donated by Chapter 13.
A&V 27 E FORGERIES OF SCANDINAVIA. 35mm slide show (50) of altered stamps. This presentation is to be expanded by new additions, enlarged color photographs and commentaries by experts of the various countries.
A&V 28 E THE DARK SIDE OF POSTAL HISTORY - ADULTERATED COVERS. 35mm slide show (13) with written commentary of Torbjorn Bjork's SESCAL '88 Seminar based on the findings of The Swedish Expert Committee. See POSTHORN article (February 1989, pg.3)
A&V 29 E THE FAROES. 35mm slide show (61) of Chris McGregor's great Gold medal award winning exhibit. Donated by the exhibitor.
A&V 30 E CHRISTMAS SEALS. 35mm slide show (80) prepared and donated by Annette Gruber and Chapter 13. Narration included.
A&V 31 E STAMPS OF ICELAND. One hour presentation about the production and the issuing of the stamps of Iceland. A VHS video tape that runs about one hour. Great for a club or chapter meeting. Donated by Dave Bennett.
A&V 33 E DANISH KINGS. Slide presentation (36) prepared by Chapter 13. Manville Bro is the author and Robert Lipscomb the photographer.
A&V 34 E DENMARK. A Video about this country. 52 min. Gift of Arthur Lind and Carl Probst.
A&V 35 E FINLAND. A Video about this country. 50 min. Gift of Arthur Lind and Carl Probst.
A&V 36 E NORWAY. A Video about this country. 55 min. Gift of Arthur Lind and Carl Probst.
A&V 37 E SWEDEN. A Video about this country. 53 min. Gift of Arthur Lind and Carl Probst.
A&V 38 E THE PRIVATE LOCAL POSTS OF DENMARK. Slide presentation (36) prepared by Chapter 13. Manville Bro is the author with additional help from Howard Schloss. The photographer is Robert Lipscomb.
A&V 39 E VIKINGS IN AMERICA. A NOVA Video Production by the WGBH/Boston Science Unit. 60 min.
A&V 40 E DOMESTIC CANCELS "ICELAND" Slide show. Prepared by Chapter 13.
A&V 41 E FOREIGN CANCELS "ICELAND" Slide show. Prepared by Chapter 13.
A&V 42 E SLESVIG - Frank Correl's great exhibit. Slide show. Prepared by Chapter 13.
A&V 43 E MINOR VARIETIES ON NORWEGIAN STAMPS Slide Show. Prepared by Chapter 13.
A&V 44 E DANISH WEST INDIES Slide Show. Prepared by Chapter 13.
A&V 45 E THE FAROES Slide Show with taped commentary. Prepared by Chapter 13."
A&V 46 E THE LEGACY OF THE KENSINGTON RUNESTONE. A Runestone Museum video production. Ten Minutes. (Should be played in conjunction with A&V 39 - VIKINGS IN AMERICA).
A&V 47 E SWEDISH NUMERAL ISSUES OF 1872 T0 1891 ("RINGS"). Slide (43) show prepared by David Engdahl. Written commentary.
A&V 48 E STAMPING & STOMPING THROUGH DENMARK - 1971-1974-1979. 54 slides depicting stamps of Denmark along with slides that show actual scenes that the stamp represents. (Two projectors are required for this presentation). A loose-leaf book will accompany this set. It has color reproduced pictures (large) of each slide. It was produced by SCC'er Walter Johnson and his company, Duprin Copy Centre of Woburn, MA.
A&V 49 E NEW GLAMOUR FOR OLD CROWNS. King Carl the 16th Gustav of Sweden. 88 minute video program. Gift of Carl Probst.
A&V 50 E HEIRS TO THE VIKINGS. King Harald of Norway. 58 minute video program. Gift of Carl Probst.
A&V 51 E HAFNIA '76 MINI-SHEET III - slide show (35). A research project by Toke Nørby.
A&V 53 E DANSKE POSTESTEMPLER: DANISH MAIL CANCELS. Dr. Willy E. Melberg. 35mm slides. (34). 2001.
A&V 55E 19th CENTURY SWEDISH CANCEL COLLECTING. SCC Chapter 5. (New England) 35mm slides.
A&V 56E FINLAND AIRMAIL TO AMERICA BY TRANSATLANTIC CLIPPER 1939-1941. 35mm slides (40) plus text.
A&V 57E DANISH RAILWAY STAMPS. 35mm slides (29).
A&V 59E GREENLAND BEFORE 1940. A gold medal exhibit from HAFNIA 1987. 35mm slides (96).
A&V 60E A MOST SATISFYING HOBBY: COLLECTINGTHE STAMPS OF SWEDEN. Jerry D. Moore, SCC Golden Gate Chapter 21. 35mm slides (76).



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