At the end of February in St Louis it's a good idea to bring a coat and gloves.
We have Jonas Hällström from Sweden as the visiting judge on the panel this time.
His presentation at the membership meeting is not yet decided on but I'm sure it
will be interesting. Jonas is the Exhibit Chair in the Swedish Federation
(Sveriges Filatelist Forbund) and is also an active exhibitor himself. Alan Warren
and Greg Frantz are also on the panel so there will be plenty of Scandinavian knowledge
on the panel. Please contact Warren Grosjean or Mark Lorentzen if you want to exhibit in
St Louis.

Specifics about Friday night dinner and meeting rooms will be available in due course.

We just brought up the idea of having an Exhibition Workshop in St Louis for members
interested in starting to exhibit. Often exhibiting seems so overwhelming that members don't
take the step to do it. This will be a great opportunity to overcome that step and get help
from experienced exhibitors as well as step-by-step instructions how to go about exhibiting.
Please let us know if you are interested in attending such a workshop. If we decide to do this
I will participate myself since I keep saying I should exhibit but always find excuses not to
do it. Previous presidents of SCC has usually been very active exhibitors themselves so I need
to step into the shoes here. It would be great if other members would like to join me and start

Mats Roing 26 October 2008