This index has been updated as of 16 February 2005 to include all Posthorn issues through November 2004.

This index, covering the entire 62 year span of Posthorns from 1943 through November 2004, was assembled from several sources. The principal source for material prior to 1984 was the excellent index complied by former Posthorn Editor Bob Gross and published as Posthorn Supplement Volume 41, #2, in May 1984. This document was brought into the computer by OCR (optical character recognition), edited and imported to a Microsoft "Access" database. For Posthorns subsequent to the ending date of the 1984 index, tables of contents were manually edited and appended to the database.

Additional editing and error-checking were performed inside the database, then the master file was exported to Microsoft "Excel" for proofreading by Alan Warren and Toke Nørby. Finally, the Excel file was used to break the index into Subject and Author sections and subsequently more manageable segments before conversion into HTML for this Web posting.

Organization into primary Subject Categories (Danish West Indies, Denmark ... Sweden) is preserved from the 1984 index, and a new sorting by Author has been added. As in the 1984 index, chapter news, literature reviews, election information, new issues, exhibitions, and similar articles have been omitted.

Please note that each section contains a number of entries without an Author. This is not a mistake, articles are sometimes published without attribution.

It is intended to update this index to include current Posthorns on at least a yearly schedule. No doubt, despite extensive checking and proofreading, errors and omissions remain. The author will be grateful to have any and all such problems brought to his attention:

John L. DuBois
16 February 2005