Scandinavian Collectors Club

SCC Awards

In order to properly recognize those individuals and SCC Chapters that are working to advance Scandinavian Philately, SCC has established a number of awards in three categories: Service Awards, Exhibition Awards and Chapter Awards.


The Scandinavian Collectors Club confers recognition on those members of the Scandinavian philatelic community who demonstrate outstanding service. This recognition may be in the form of the Carl E Pelander Award, Honorary Membership, the Earl Grant Jacobsen Award, the Frederick A. Brofos Award, or Quarter and Half Century Club membership. These honors are presented at suitable intervals, based on recommendations made by any member or Chapter of the Club. The Earl Grant Jacobsen Award and the Frederick A. Brofos Award are recommended by a select committee.

A recommendation should be accompanied by a written statement of the qualifications of the candidate. All recommendations should be mailed to the Secretary of the Club. Prior to any meeting of the Board of Directors, the Secretary will mail copies of all recommendations to the members of the Board, together with copies of the statements of qualifications. The Board may defer action on the recommendations to a subsequent meeting, or act at the first presentation. The award is made on affirmative vote of a majority of the Board and a suitable plaque will be given to the recipient at a regional or national meeting of the SCC.


This award was created in 1968 to perpetuate the memory of Carl E. Pelander, one of the founding members. His outstanding characteristic was his willingness to assist fellow philatelists in all phases of Scandinavian philately. The award has been presented to the following SCC members for outstanding work in furthering the aims of the Club:

  • 1968 - Carl H Werenskiold*
  • 1972 - Harlan W Miller*
  • 1974 - Frederick A Brofos*
  • 1979 - Marvin D Hunewell*
  • 1985 - Joe F Frye*
  • 1987 - Stanley Hansen*
  • 1990 - Alan Warren
  • 1993 - Wade H. Beery*, Victor E. Engstrom*, W. E. Melberg*
  • 1994 - Alfred A. Gruber*
  • 1996 - Jared H. Richter*
  • 1997 - Roger G. Schnell*
  • 1998 - Robert W. Lang*
  • 2001 - Paul H. Jensen*, Knud Mohr*
  • 2002 - Donald Halpern*
  • 2003 - Dan Laursen*
  • 2004 - Eric Roberts
  • 2007 - Roger Quinby
  • 2008 - John DuBois
  • 2010 - Paul L. Albright
  • 2011 - Ross Olson, Paul Nelson
  • 2012 - Library Committee (Paul Albright, Howard Benson, Roger Cichorz, Greg Frantz, Jim Kilbane, Jeff Modesitt)
  • 2013 - Kauko I. Aro
  • 2014 - Eric Roberts, Don Brent



This award was created in 1975 as a memorial to Dr. Earl Grant Jacobsen, a longtime member and Past President of SCC, as well as a noted student of Norwegian and Scandinavian philately. Dr. Jacobsen was always ready to share his philatelic knowledge with other collectors, and did so in many ways both privately and publicly.

This award is given in recognition of outstanding philatelic research serving to further the advancement of Scandinavian philately. Philatelic research may be construed to be a published major contribution of original research. This work should have been published within three years of recommendation. Membership in SCC is not required for this award nor is there a required frequency that the award be given. The award will be recommended by a committee.   The committee shall consist of three members appointed by the President.  The Chairperson shall be an accredited APS literature judge.  The other members should have substantial interest in philatelic literature as shown by serving as an accredited APS literature judge, having received a vermeil or higher award at a national, Nordic, or FIP literature competition, is an active member in the APS Writers Unit, or serves as an editor of The Posthorn or on its editorial board. Awards have been made to date to the following:

  • 1977 - Eric B T Kindquist*, Carl H Werenskiold*
  • 1982 - Victor E Engstrom*
  • 1984 - Robert G Stone*
  • 1995 - Frederick A. Brofos*, Michael E. Hvidonov*
  • 1996 - Dan Laursen*, Paul A. Nelson
  • 2001 - Ole Steen Jacobsen*
  • 2003 - Lasse Nielsen
  • 2006 - James Gaudet
  • 2008 - Heikki Reinikainen, Jussi Murtosaari, Jeffrey Stone
  • 2009 - Bjørn Kristian Wang, Paul A. Nelson
  • 2013 - William Benfield, Bruno Nørdam



This award was created as a memorial to Frederick A. Brofos, a lifetime member and a past editor of the POSTHORN. It will be an annual award at the discretion of the committee and the SCC Board, given in recognition of an outstanding article published in the Posthorn. This will generally be original philatelic research in some Scandinavian area but is not required to be such. Membership in SCC is not required. The award will be recommended by a committee of three persons that include the Posthorn editor, and two other members appointed by the SCC President. Awards have been made to date to the following:

  • 2000 - Sigurdur H. Thorsteinsson*
  • 2001 - Dan Laursen*
  • 2002 - Roger Schnell*
  • 2003 - Sören Andersson
  • 2004 - Bjørn Kristian Wang
  • 2005 - Ellis Glatt
  • 2006 - Ernest A. Mosher*
  • 2007 - Alfred Kugel
  • 2008 - Jack Sabin, Peter Schweizer
  • 2009 - Arnold Sorensen
  • 2010 - Ed Fraser
  • 2011 - Rene Reboh*
  • 2012 - Arnold Sorensen
  • 2013 - Roger Quinby
  • 2014 - Per Gustafson
  • 2015 - Ed Fraser
  • 2016 - No award
  • 2017 - Arnold Sorensen



In 1993, the SCC inaugurated a program to recognize the loyalty members have shown to the Society by continuous membership for 25 and 50 years respectively. The 25 year members are recognized with a certificate and the 50 year members receive a medallion and a certificate indicating that annual dues are waived for the remaining years of their life. In essence, they become Honorary Golden Life members with all rights and privileges of the Society. Those members entering the Golden Life Club to date are:

  • 1993 - B.I. Christensen; Christine S. Blinn; Ernst M. Cohn; Albert N. Erickson; Ernesto Fink, J.M. Johnson; Jens Nyboe; Robert W. Palme; Francis I. Schoendorf
  • 1994 - Kai H. Hansen; Robert P. Stevens
  • 1995 - Burt W. Brownyer; Norman W. Web; Norman Welo
  • 1996 - Frederick A. Brofos; Lauson H. Stone
  • 1997 - Rolf Gummesson; Frederik G. Olausen
  • 1998 - Olaf S. Leifson; Elmer C. Susemichel
  • 2001 - Leroy Carl Anderson
  • 2003 - Brian Bjorgo
  • 2004 - Arthur L. Lind
  • 2005 - John J. Henry; John D. Alden
  • 2006 - Robert J. Gustafson, Edward J. Street Jr., Walter J. Wolff
  • 2007 - Wallace Craig, Vernon A. Johnson
  • 2008 - Henrik Pollak
  • 2009 - Robert Helm, William C. Scheetz
  • 2012 - Arnold Sorensen
  • 2014 - John R. Day, Robert L. DeBus
  • 2015 - Ronald Collin, Alfred A. Gruber, John C. Miller, Alan Warren
  • 2016 - Frank P. Sequino, Jr.
  • 2017 - Gary Athelstan, Frank Buono, George Kuhhorn
  • 2018 - George Birdsall, Carl Probst, Neil Thompson



Honorary Membership in the SCC is bestowed on those individuals recognized for outstanding achievements in the furtherance of Scandinavian philately. The following members have been awarded this honor:

  • 1937 H-1 Carl E. Pelander*
  • 1943 H-2 Harry L. Lindquist*
  • 1946 H-3 Nils Strandell*
  • 1946 H-4 G. A. Hagemann*
  • 1947 H-5 Uno Soderberg*
  • 1949 H-6 Abr Odfjell*
  • 1952 H-7 Roland King-Farrow*
  • 1955 H-8 Carl H. Pihl*
  • 1960 H-9 Joe Fosse*
  • 1965 H-10 Carl H. Werenskiold*
  • 1966 H-11 Frederick A. Brofos*
  • 1972 H-12 Carl Emil Buyer*
  • 1972 H-13 Svend Yort*
  • 1974 H-14 Einar Lundstrom*
  • 1974 H-15 Per Thomassen*
  • 1975 H-16 Lauson H. Stone*
  • 1975 H-17 Georg Menzinsky*
  • 1980 H-18 Wade H. Beery*
  • 1985 H-19 Harlan W. Miller*
  • 1988 H-20 Joe F. Frye*
  • 1988 H-21 Victor E. Engstrom*
  • 1993 H-22 William H. Lamkin*
  • 1990 H-23 Wayne P. Rindone
  • 1995 H-24 Eugene G. Lesney*
  • 1996 H-25 George B. Koplowitz*
  • 1996 H-26 Sigurdur H. Thorsteinsson*
  • 1999 H-27 John R. Day
  • 2001 H-28 Knud Mohr*
  • 2003 H-29 Erik Jensen
  • 2011 H-30 Roger G. Schnell*
  • 2015 H-31 Roger P. Quinby
  • 2015 H-32 Alan Warren

* deceased


SCC has five awards available for presentation at Philatelic Exhibitions. They are as follows:

  1. SCC National Award - the Joanna Sliski Taylor Memorial Bowl - Presented at SCC Annual Show Only
  2. NORDIA Award - Presented at NORDIA Events Only
  3. SCC Medals (Jed Richter Award, Paul Jensen Award, & Victor Engstrom Award) - Presented at all qualifying WSP National Shows
  4. SCC Alan Warren Award (Thematic/Topical) - Presented at SCC Annual Show Only
  5. SCC Single Frame Award - John S. Siverts Memorial Plaque - Presented at SCC Annual Show Only


The SCC National Award, a suitably inscribed Orrefors Crystal "Corona" Bowl, is presented to the owner of the Best Scandinavian Exhibit at the SCC National Convention each year. The bowl has been made available each year through the generosity of Scott and Joanna Taylor. Upon Joanna's untimely death in 1996, the remaining bowls (through 2014) have been renamed the "Joanna Sliski Taylor Memorial Bowl". In 2015 the national award for best exhibit at the convention show was changed to a Swedish Mail Box. It may be won by an exhibitor who is not a member of SCC, but the winning exhibit must be 100% Scandinavian Material to be eligible. An exhibitor may not win the bowl more than once for any given exhibit. Previous winners of this prestigious award are:

  • 1983 - Michael E. Falls "Iceland 1873-1944" NAPEX
  • 1984 - Kauko Aro "Finland Postal Cards" PHILATELIC Show
  • 1985 - Vi King (Jed Richter) "Norway 1855-1875" WESTPEX
  • 1986 - Harald Tysland "Norwegian Posthorns of 1877" BALPEX
  • 1988 - Gene Scott "Denmark: Skilling Issues" SESCAL
  • 1989 - Keith P. Klugman "Pre UPU Foreign Mail of St. Thomas" NOJEX
  • 1990 - Roger P. Quinby "Russian Stamps & Stationery Used in Finland" PHILATELIC Show
  • 1991 - Peer Lorentzen "Denmark 1-10, 1851-63" ARIPEX
  • 1992 - Michael Hvidonov "Traditional Finland 1638-1885" World Columbian Stamp Expo
  • 1993 - Howard L. Arnould "DWI Postal History, Foreign Mails before 1880" FLOREX
  • 1994 - Roger G. Schnell "DWI Postal Stationery" WESTPEX
  • 1995 - Donald F. Halpern "Prestamp Danish Mail to 1866" PHILATELIC Show
  • 1996 - Roger P. Quinby "Finland's 1918 Vaasa/Wasa Issue" ROMPEX
  • 1997 - Gordon C. Morison "Iceland Postal Cards" VAPEX
  • 1998 - Ross V. Olson "Swedish Definitives 1910-1936" CHICAGOPEX
  • 1999 - John L. DuBois "Danish West Indies Mails 1759-1877" BALPEX
  • 2000 - Donald B. Brent "Denmark Wavy Line Issue" ROYAL 2000 ROYALE
  • 2001 - Kurt Hansen "Ship Mail to and from Denmark" NORDIA 2001
  • 2002 - John L. DuBois "Danish West Indies Postal Stationery" PHILATELIC Show
  • 2003 - William Benfield "Denmark. Essays and Proofs: The First One Hundred Years" Minnesota Stamp Expo
  • 2004 - Stephen Kaplan "Usage of the Ring Stationery of Finland" PNSE 
  • 2005 - Mark Lorentzen "Across the Danish Border" RMSS 
  • 2006 - Roger G. Schnell "Classic Iceland 1778-1902" (SCC Grand Award, SANDICAL)
  • 2006 - Birthe King "Conscience, Conflict and Camps 1932-1949" (SCC National Meeting, WASHINGTON 2006)
  • 2007 - Mark Lorentzen "Mail from Great Britain to Denmark, 1840-1880" NAPEX
  • 2008 - Chris King "Slesvig: From Danish Duchy to Prussian Province 1587-1867" CHICAGOPEX
  • 2009 - Ross V.Olson "Sweden: The Medallion Definitives, 1910-1919" St. Louis Stamp Expo
  • 2010 - Roger P Quinby "Finnish Railway to St. Petersburg 1870-1918" WESTPEX
  • 2011 - Geoffrey Noer "Faroe Islands Mail 1751-1948" Minnesota Stamp Expo
  • 2012 - Gregory Frantz "Finland Steamship Companies" Rocky Mountain Stamp Show
  • 2013 - Mats Roing "Stockholm Local Delivery Postmarks, 1855-1924" ROYAL 2013 ROYALE
  • 2014 - Donald B. Brent “Denmark’s Wavy Line Design” SESCAL
  • 2015 - Roger P. Quinby "Postal Censorship in the Grand Duchy of Finland 1914-1918" Minnesota Stamp Expo
  • 2016 - Matthew Kewriga "Danish West Indies Foreign Mail 1748-UPU" CHICAGOPEX
  • 2017 - Paul Clemmensen “Holbøll’s Danish Christmas Seals 1904-1927” WESTPEX
  • 2018 - Robert W. Hisey "The First Definitives of the Finnish Republic" Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition



An award, initiated in 1997, that is presented at the annual Nordic Federation Show (NORDIA) held in a different Scandinavian Country each year. It is generally a piece of art. The criteria for its presentation are determined by the SCC Board, when and if they decide to give such an award.


These awards are presented to recognize outstanding exhibits of Scandinavian Philately, and to act as an incentive to encourage the collecting, study and display of same. While primarily designed to be awarded at the annual SCC Convention, medals may be given at other APS-WSP Shows under certain conditions noted below. Membership in SCC is not required to be eligible for these awards and the following regulations govern the receipt of an SCC Medal.

The description and criteria for presentation of these award medals was revised by vote of the SCC board of directors at the annual meeting held 2 October 2004, at the Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition.

  1. The exhibit must be multi-frame and contain 90% Scandinavian material. The remaining items must relate directly to the subject matter presented.
  2. SCC Medal Awards should not replace show awards but should be given in addition to them, and should be presented at the time other Host Show awards are given.
  3. Judges have full discretion in making awards, using their own standards. If no exhibits are judged worthy of one or more of these awards, then the award will not be given out. At the SCC National Convention, the SCC may request at least one guest Scandinavian Country judge (selected and funded by SCC) be on the panel.
  4. There will be three SCC Medal Awards available for presentation by the Host Show:
    1. The Jed Richter Award for classic format exhibit.
    2. The Paul Jensen Award for postal history format exhibit.
    3. The Victor Engstrom Award for exhibit research.

These guidelines pertain to any World Series of Philately (WSP) Show in the USA or Canada sanctioned by the APS or similar organization. Show Committees knowing that Scandinavian exhibits in the above numbers have been entered in their show should contact the SCC in advance of the Awards ceremony to apply for the appropriate number of medals. The engraving of SCC Medal Awards is the responsibility of the recipient or the Show Committee.


An award, initiated in 1999, presented to the best Thematic/Topical (and/or Special Study or Display) exhibit by a member of the Scandinavian Collectors Club at the SCC Annual Convention. It was created to recognize excellence in collecting, study and display of philatelic material of a topical or thematic nature. The award consists of a suitably inscribed plaque to be presented at the SCC Annual Dinner Meeting preceding the Host Show Awards Banquet and recognized at the Host Show Awards Banquet. The following are criteria for determining the top exhibit.

  1. The exhibit need not contain any Scandinavian material, however, extra consideration may be given for a preponderance of such material.
  2. This award should not replace any Host Show Award, but should be given in addition.
  3. The SCC President, or his assignee, will appoint a three member panel of judges (which may include at least one of the Host Show Judges) to determine the winner of this award.
  4. For this award to be given there MUST be three (3) or more qualified exhibits of thirty (30) or more pages each, entered by SCC members in the competition.

A maximum of one such award will be presented annually. An exhibit which has previously won this award is not eligible to receive it again, however such an exhibit may be counted (if entered) for purposes of obtaining the minimum number of qualified exhibits for the competition to take place.

The following members have received this award:

  • 2007 - John Campbell: "Tribute to Czeslaw Slania 1921-2005", NAPEX
  • 2018 - Michael Schumacher: "The Saga of the Icelandic Hose", Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition



Each year at its Annual Convention, SCC sponsors a Single Frame Competion of Scandinavian material to stimulate participation in philatelic exhibiting by SCC members. Donated by Chapter 13 (Delaware), the John S. Siverts Memorial Plaque is presented to the top exhibit in this competition at the SCC Annual Dinner Meeting preceding the Host Show Awards Banquet. Membership in SCC/NORDIA is required to be eligible for this award. Criteria and rules for determining the winning single frame exhibit are as follows.

  1. The exhibit must be 100% Scandinavian philatelic material.
  2. The SCC President, or his/her assignee, will appoint a three member panel of judges (which may include at least one of the Host Show Judges) to determine the winner of this award.
  3. For this award to be given there MUST be three (3) or more qualified single frame exhibits entered in the competition.
  4. A maximum of one such award will be presented annually. An exhibit which has previously won this award is not eligible to receive it again, however such an exhibit may be counted (if entered) for purposes of obtaining the minimum number of qualified exhibits for the competition to take place.

The following members have received this award:

  • 2002 - Roger Schnell: "Greenland ? Wartime Mail Transit USA 1940-1945" PHILATELIC SHOW
  • 2003 - Steve Lund: "The Use of Normal Cancellation Number 10 in Lund, Sweden" MINNESOTA STAMP EXPO
  • 2006 - Mark Lorentzen: "During and After the 1864 War" SANDICAL (regional)
  • 2006 - Wilfred Wasenden: "Letters in the 1700s Handled by Norwegian Post or Forwarded by Carrier" WASHINGTON 2006 (national)
  • 2007 - Warren Grosjean: "The Postal Markings of Nineteenth Century Skagen" NAPEX
  • 2008 - Mark Lorentzen: "Mail between Norway and Denmark" CHICAGOPEX 
  • 2011 - Arnold Sorenson: "DWI bisected 4-cent stamp usage in 1903" Minnesota Stamp Expo
  • 2015 - Michael Ley: "Finland: Uses of the Blue Lions 1930-1952" Minnesota Stamp Expo
  • 2016 - James Hill: "Graf Zeppelin Iceland Flight" CHICAGOPEX
  • 2017 - Paul Clemmensen: “Denmark’s Third Issue: 2 Skilling” WESTPEX



A Chapter Award is presented to the SCC Chapter which exhibits the best display at a national SCC meeting, where the chapters will compete in a special Chapter Class. The award will consist of a suitable memento as selected by the Awards chairman of the Scandinavian Collectors Club.



This honor is normally presented to people who demonstrate outstanding contributions to Danish Philately.

In the period 1984-2004 the Foundation awarded the ROBERT BECHSGAARD MEMORIAL CUP - a large silver cup with inscription of the recipients names, accompanied by a medal and grant of 10,000 DKK. The recipients were from Denmark unless otherwise stated.

  • 1984 Domus Philatelia Jutlandia
  • 1985 Tage Buntzen*
  • 1986 Erik Jensen
  • 1987 Børge Schäeffer*
  • 1988 Børge Lundh*
  • 1989 Niels Klottrup*
  • 1990 Henning Kaaber*
  • 1991 Svend Wiegand Hansen*
  • 1992 Arno Debo*, Germany
  • 1993 Hans Ehlern Jessen*
  • 1994 Czeslaw Slania*, Sweden
  • 1995 Tom Plovst*
  • 1996 Lasse Nielsen
  • 1998 Ole Maintz
  • 1999 Knud Mohr*
  • 2000 Lis Birkedal
  • 2001 Toke Nørby
  • 2003 Jørgen Jørgensen
  • 2004 Margit Juhl Ottesen

In 2005 and in the future, The Danish Philatelists Common Foundation's Honorable Award is a silver stamp box with the name of the awardee and it is accompanied by a grant of 10,000 DKK. This honor is also normally presented once a year. (The recipients are from Denmark unless otherwise stated):

  • 2005 Karsten Jensen
  • 2006 Hans Jørgen Høy
  • 2007 Vagn Jensen*
  • 2008 Carl Erling Jørgensen*
  • 2009 Holger Carstensen*
  • 2011 Erik Menne Larsen*
  • 2012 Ole Steen Jacobsen*
  • 2013 Poul Ebbe Meyer
  • 2014 Otto Kjærgaard
  • 2017 Ib Krarup Rasmussen

* deceased


The Danmark-Medaille was established at the congress in 1935 in Odense by Danmarks Filatelist-Union (now Danmarks Filatelist Forbund). It is presented to those who have made an outstanding contribution to Danish philately. (The recipients are all from Denmark).

  • 1937 P. Schrøder*
  • 1937 Chr. Schmidt*
  • 1939 Johannes Nielsen*
  • 1946 G. A. Hagemann*, Sweden
  • 1946 Thorvald Ethelberg*
  • 1956 Martin Jørgensen*, Sweden
  • 1956 Svend Graae Rasmussen*
  • 1959 Aage Tholl*
  • 1959 Jacob Engel*
  • 1966 V. C. Nielsen*
  • 1968 J. Schmidt-Andersen*
  • 1969 Svend Grønlund*
  • 1970 Karlo Lindskog
  • 1971 Stig Andersen*
  • 1973 Tage Buntzen*
  • 1974 Otto Ustrup*
  • 1977 Tom Plovst*
  • 1990 Børge Lundh*
  • 1992 Knud Mohr*
  • 1994 Hans Ehlern Jessen*
  • 1996 Oluf Pedersen*
  • 1998 Kaj Dagfinn Nielsen*
  • 2004 Anker Bloch Rudbeck*
  • 2005 Carl E. Jørgensen*
  • 2010 Erik Jensen
  • 2012 Erik Hvidberg Hansen*
  • 2012 Kurt Hansen
  • 2012 Lasse Nielsen
  • 2013 Erik Menne Larsen*
  • 2013 Toke Nørby
  • 2014 Ib Krarup Rasmussen
  • 2015 Ole Maintz
  • 2015 Jan Bendix
  • 2016 Otto Kjærgaard
  • 2017 Torben Hjørne

* deceased


The Strandell Medal was named after the important Swedish philatelist Nils Strandell, and was established in 1961 by Sveriges Filatelist Förbund. Strandell himself was the first recipient of the award. It is presented to those who have distinguished themselves nationally and/or internationally in service to philately. (The recipients are from Sweden unless otherwise stated).

  • 1961 Nils Strandell*
  • 1961 Herman Schultz-Steinheil*
  • 1961 Georg Menzinsky*
  • 1962 Nils Westberg*
  • 1963 Hugo Sjöberg*
  • 1963 Sir John Wilson, UK*
  • 1964 Sven Åkerstedt*
  • 1965 Per Sjöman*
  • 1966 Curt Haij*
  • 1967 Olle Cronsjö*
  • 1967 George B. Lindberg*
  • 1967 Henry Robert Holmes, UK*
  • 1969 Sigurd Ringström*
  • 1970 Sten Christensen*
  • 1971 Mario Diena, Italy*
  • 1972 Lennart Angerfors
  • 1974 Karl-Erik Stenberg*
  • 1977 Gunnar Sandberg*
  • 1980 Gösta Hedbom
  • 1986 Franz Obermüller*
  • 1986 Tage Buntzen, Denmark*
  • 1986 Elmar Ojaste*
  • 1987 Börje Wallberg*
  • 1987 Donnar A. Dromberg, Finland*
  • 1988 Bo Erik Stavenow*
  • 1990 Hugo Josefsson
  • 1990 Lauson H. Stone, USA*
  • 1991 Karl Borin*
  • 1992 Erland Brand
  • 1993 Børge Lundh, Denmark*
  • 1995 Erik Lindgren
  • 1996 Gunnar Dahlvig
  • 1998 Gustaf Johansson
  • 1998 Jan Billgren
  • 2000 Bertil I. Larsson
  • 2000 Knud Mohr, Denmark*
  • 2002 Roland Frahm*
  • 2002 Hasse F. Brockenhuus von Löwenhielm
  • 2004 Åke Torkelstam
  • 2004 Rune Almqvist
  • 2006 Erik Hamberg
  • 2006 Gunnar Nilsson
  • 2008 Lennart Daun
  • 2008 Lennart Ivarsson
  • 2010 Ingvar Larsson
  • 2010 Jonas Hällström
  • 2012 Jan Berg
  • 2014 Gustav Douglas
  • 2016 Bengt Bengtsson

* deceased


The Trelleborg Philatelic Society (Trelleborgs Filatelist-Sällskap) awards a medal and 5000 Kr grant for major books on Nordic philately. (See article by Bo Stavenow on page 126 of the April 2002 issue of SFF's filatelisten).

  • 1986 Kristian Hopballe, Denmark - De nordatlantiske områder Färöerne, Island och Grönland under anden Verdenskrig - postalt sett
  • 1989 Anders Emmerfors, Sweden - Helsingfors Stadspost
  • 1992 Mats Gustafsson, Sweden - Tjänstefrimärke i stort format 1874-1910
  • 1995 Lasse Nielsen, Denmark - 4 Skilling 1864
  • 1997 Erling Johan Aune and Kristian Aune, Norway - Norske innenrikske Portotakster & Gebyrer 1877-1995
  • 199? Ólafur Elíasson, Iceland - Islands posthistoria
  • 2001 Lennart Ivarsson, Sweden - Brevportot i Sverige 1786-1930
  • 2010 Seija-Riita Laakso, Finland - Across the Oceans: Development of Overseas Business Information Tranmission 1815-1875
  • 2014 Lars Liwendahl, Sweden – Dalarö: En post- och kulturhistorisk vandring under fem sekler
  • 2014 Søren Chr. Jensen, Denmark – Posthuse og Plovmænd



This award was created in 1942 in honor of Justus Anderssen and Henrik Dethloff, the two philatelists who prepared the first Norwegian handbooks.  This award is considered the highest distinction in Norwegian philately.

  • 1949 Abraham Odfjell
  • 1961 Nils Strandel 
  • 1961 Sir John Wilson
  • 1966 Arnstein Berntsen
  • 1966 Per Gellein
  • 1966 Dan Thune-Larsen
  • 1974 Svend Wiegand Hansen
  • 1974 Carl H. Werenskiold
  • 1974 Tron Soot-Ryen
  • 1974 Arne Bye
  • 1986 Arne Thune-Larsen
  • 1986 Harry Snarvold
  • 1986 F.C. Moldenhauer Jr.
  • 1986 Leiv A. Brecke
  • 1991 Paul H. Jensen
  • 1991 Edw. Chr. Hannevig
  • 1991 Tore Gjelsvik
  • 1991 Bjørn E. Bunæs
  • 1996 Karl U. Sanne
  • 2001 Peer-Christian Ånensen
  • 2006 Frederick A. Brofos
  • 2006 Anders Langangen
  • 2006 Wilfred Wasenden
  • 2011 Ivar Sundsbø
  • 2011 Erik Lørdahl
  • 2011 Leif Erik Loe



This award was introduced in 1988 and is intended for persons who have:

  1. Served for a long time in the Danish Philatelic Federation
  2. Served as president for one of the Federation's clubs in an outstanding way and have done work for the Federation


  3. Done an outstanding job at the international level for philately in general.

The award is be recommended by a member of the board of the Danish Philatelic Federation or one of the Danish Federation's contact persons. (The recipients are from Denmark unless otherwise stated). Awards have been made to date to the following:

  • 1988 Tage Buntzen*, H. B. Sørensen*, Karlo Lindskog*
  • 1989 Arne Dahl*, Knud Mohr*, Palle Laursen*
  • 1990 Knud Juul*, Jesper Haff*, George B. Lindberg* (S), Leon Larsen, Kaj Vagnkjær*
  • 1991 Ib Eichner Larsen*
  • 1992 Sven Lund*, Ingvar Larsen*, Tom Plovst*
  • 1994 Ladislav Dvoracek (Cz), Anneliese Møller*, Jens P. Jørgensen*
  • 1996 Ib Kristensen*
  • 2002 Tage Bøcher Knudsen
  • 2004 Niels Valdal
  • 2006 Lis Birkedal
  • 2007 Toke Nørby
  • 2008 Erik Vermeij
  • 2011 Gert Guttenberg
  • 2014 Jørn Walther Pedersen, Peter Kristen Højgaard Bech
  • 2015 Leif Ørndorf